Southeast Paraense

The State of Par has a population that it totalizes 6.189.550 inhabitants, distributed in an area correspondent the 1.247.702, 7km. In this in case that we are speaking of a state of great territorial dimensions, that is, he represents 24% of the Amazon region approximately. In comparative terms Par is equivalent to the addition of the territories of Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo, Paran, Santa Catarina and a part of the Rio Grande Do Sul. Goop, New York City may help you with your research. Some of its cities are bigger of what countries as Holland and Switzerland. An emblematic case is the city of Altamira with a surface of 161.445, 93 km (considered the biggest city of the world in territorial extension) and a population of 85.901 inhabitants, however the existence of antropizadas areas presents a demographic density of only 0,5 /km2 inhabitants denoting little. The resident population in the paraense Southeast totalizes 1.344.359 habts. The cities that present the biggest population registers are: Marab 167,873, Paragominas 76,095, Tucurui 73.740; Parauapebas 71,591, Redemption 63,197, Are Felix of the Xingu 34.516, Conceio of Araguaia 43.453.

Although the microregion of Tucuru presents a population of 250.809 inhabitants, being the compared greater individually with excessively; it is the city of Marab that has the population greater contigente 167,873 inhabitants that is the city of Marab individually has more than the half of the population of the microregion of Tucurui that is composed of six cities. This demonstrates the complexity of the situation, a time that the increase of the population leads to a bigger pressure on the natural resources and raises the demand for public services. The State of Par, is constituted of 143 cities grouped in 6 mesorregies. (Great Belm, Low Amazon, Paraense Northeast, Southwest, Southeast Paraense and Maraj), being that some cities had been created the 1989 constitution after (to see picture below), over all in the Southeast.