Accounting Applications

The Minister of economy and competitiveness contributed an interesting innovation: fantastic based accounting, i.e. a forward-looking. A surreal accounting that supports further applications. Black Cherry has posted with the greater self-confidence the number of unemployed which could have been avoided if the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero had applied the labour reform decreed by Mariano Rajoy. As explained yesterday the Minister at a conference organized by the country and sponsored by Bankia the entity that his former boss, Rodrigo Rato, presides if the previous Government had made the reform of which has befallen him Spain would today have a million unemployed less.

And he said it three days after that Mariano Rajoy warned that this year will destroy 630,000 jobs more. This means a rise in the unemployment rate on the active population of 21.6 percent in 2011 to the expected 24.3 in the macroeconomic picture for this fiscal year. A terrible and difficult social assimilation that figure not prevents that Luis de Guindos sees light at the end of the tunnel, a perception sparsely accounting software of character equally visionary. It is appropriate to recall in this regard demonstrations not long ago formulated Jose Manuel Gonzalez Paramo, Member of the Executive Committee of the European Central Bank (ECB) by decision of the Popular Party which Paramo hoped a high office. It missed the Counselor of the ECB in an interview with El Pais that a country with an unemployment of 22% is not raised socially.

Posts to the surrealist accounting applications I stay to that expressed by Esteban Gonzalez Pons in election campaign. Deputy Secretary General of the PP Pons said then that his party aspired to create three and a half million jobs, if it won the elections of November 20, thanks to the emergence of a million of new entrepreneurs. Every day companies large and small are discovering the power of used in conjunction with Excel macros, the companies require computer programmes tailored to their needs, to manage internal business processes automatically, fast and effective. At the same time many people in their daily work performed repetitive tasks against their Excel spreadsheets, wasting a whole days in reporting of manually which would be done with a simple click to a button in a matter of seconds. Macros allow us to automate and perform complex tasks, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the work.