National Gallery Line

House MinyBeseduem with Mina and her offer to go with us on a walk. The girl agreed and removed to tidy himself up. Wasting no time, looks around. From the chair take a newspaper, read a note and come to the table. Take a photo of Jonathan and peruse a selection of newspapers.

We are interested in the newspaper on 06 September, Thursday. Read it. Penetrate deep into the room, pushing the curtains on the wall and see a map of London. Compare all the facts that we learned from newspapers, take a red pencil and looking at the map all the points mentioned in the notes, and then connect each point to the one where according to witnesses, fled the offender (to draw a line, set the pencil in the right point, press the left mouse button and hold it, carry us to the next desired point.) From the church of St. George's draw a line in the direction of Victoria Station.

From a point on the bridge Sausvark're the line in the direction of the gallery Tate. From Yustan Road carry the line in the direction of the Cathedral of St. George. From railway Station New Kent Road carry the line in the direction of the National Gallery. We see that all lines converge in one place – the mansion Goldming. Click on it in pencil and solve immediately go there, refusing to walk with a pretty attractive girl. (Figure 1. Hunter Dracula passage) Mansion Goldming knocking at the door the mansion, as educated people.