GNSS Necessary

This program offers to the user the necessary calculation of the transport of co-ordinated by executed it in field. The manuscript is simple, needing the operator the data already converted for RINEX (format standard data-exchange rude GNSS) of the coordinates of the landmark base, and of, at least, two RBMC? s (Brazilian Net of Monitoramento Continuo) for the closing of the circuit of the survey of the transport. Also the insertion of the necessary events is necessary. In the TGOffice it is advisable to insert the necessary events available in the site of the NASA of the previous day, current day and posterior day, to complete the cycle. In accordance with MONICO, 2008: ' ' The production of after-processed events, called necessary events, aims at to take care of users who need positioning with better precision that proportionate for the events transmitidas.' ' Below, a final model of a closed circuit of a transport is presented of co-ordinated: 5-Illustration figure programs Done TGOffice the adjustment of the comments, is generated the reports of all the calculations made for the TGOffice.

Amongst them, it is important to observe in the statistical summary the test of chi squared; being it ' ' PASS' ' , it is the confirmation of a positive result. In the picture of the adjusted geodesic coordinates they will be to the coordinates of the base, with its respective latitude, longitude and height. In a similar way the residual histogramas of standardized are generated in the report, where the value of the critical Tau or any strange data is observed of comment; we find the ellipse of error of the point, that shows to the errors standards a posteriori and, of the horizontal coordinate and the covariante term between the points. 4,2 TOPCON TOOLS the version used in the generation of this resource multimedia was the 7,0 of software Topcon Tools, important tool that assists in the calculations of the transport of the coordinates and in the processing of the perimeter of the raised area.