The Need for New Management Schools

New approaches are needed, administrative tools, better integration with the demands of the knowledge society, interpreting the behavior of the scenarios, technology, consumer needs, exploiting the strengths that promote the natural resources of each country. It requires proactive teachers, motivators to generate a radical change in the old models of learning, which unfortunately still remain in the classroom. Need Management School opened again, linked with the problems of the region, state, business sector, other schools, School Administrators, foster a more dynamic role to the political, economic, business, cultural that Venezuela needs.

Being a dynamic school, to think, engage their talent, human capital we have, in favor of running a real partnership in all that benefit that business incubators for SMEs crossing the country needs. It is becoming increasingly necessary, the emergence of new leaders, not only with regard to management, but in the political, cultural, social, but student leaders that lead to a change in the passivity in which they develop the universities, in that lethargy that nothing has benefited Venezuela. It needs a new student leadership to reclaim their rights, ensure their education, the role to be played towards the universities adequately provided service for which they were created. School requires management to restructure their goals, establish new commitments according to the present reality, to redefine all its administrative systems, academics, ensuring functional excellence. It should assess the training time and training to achieve the required degree in administration, redefine as noted, a new curriculum, structure it with courses that generate short-term practical results, leading all the changes that are needed to rescue the shirking now occurs at an alarming rate in the country.

Today more than ever, Venezuela’s new leaders demand management, more committed to change, able to lead your business performance to a more productive and prevent the country continues to rely more on imports than exports. In turbulent situations as they occur, are justified is when the roles of a school that really prepares professionals facing the challenges with knowledge that has been provided and are able to generate new, which lead to the school to be always updated. Failure to bring about changes required in the School will train professionals who will join the ranks of the unemployed and where, unfortunately, human talent is wasted a significant social cost to the country.