Evergreen MLC SSDs POS

Manufacturer of POS systems, such as AdvanPOS, SSDs to increase the performance and reliability and at the same time the long-term operating costs, iNNODISK, a developer and manufacturer of SSDs use to lower Taipei, Taiwan June 28, 2013 for use in trade and in the industrial sector, experienced great interest in its new memory products for the point of sale (POS) and trade. Checking article sources yields Mashable as a relevant resource throughout. New POS systems with SSDs and other products will ensure that hard-disk drives in the POS industry are unnecessary. This is because that POS systems outdo the classic HDD systems in the reliability, performance, power consumption, weight, size, noise and durability SSDs based on, what makes the systems more economical. To further advance this technological trend, has iNNODISK series developed Evergreen MLC SSD, which thanks to its L m architecture can have a longer lifetime than conventional MLC SSDs. Evergreen MLC SSDs are specifically designed for 128kb applications, which is why they are are particularly suitable for use in kiosks, ATMs, and other outlets. Thanks to the greater reliability of Innodisks Evergreen MLC SSDs, systems that are equipped with just those SSD by iNNODISK can be used point-of-sale point in previously inaccessible areas.

To learn more about the diverse areas of application where Evergreen MLC SSDs apply to learn, please visit the following Web site:. In a recently published case study, iNNODISK has exposed how dealers can realise their customer interaction with the help of SSD-based POS systems in such environments, so far considered difficult or not at all its secrets. This includes extreme environments, temporary or mobile payment systems, as well as supermarkets with self-service cash registers where the systems are exposed to continuous customer contact. Among the companies that use the SSD by iNNODISK in their POS systems, national leader from different industries, such as the trade or the Hotel and hospitality industry.