Device Homemade Septic Tank

Taking the standard pattern of a septic tank, we have used cheap materials to make improvised homemade septic tank volume from two to 700 liters each. If necessary, you can use tanks of 1,000 liters each and combine them into modules according to the scheme presented above. We will not reproduce the theoretical basis for septic tanks, required volumes, the area irrigated fields – you can easily find all this information in Internet. Dwell on design features and materials used for what-would make a septic tank by hand. Outset – that collected under this scheme has been successful in septic summer and winter time and not creates difficulties for its operation.

The only thing he needs – a regular filling of bacterial preparations to avoid unpleasant odors in the toilet. We have used Dr. Roebik – dry and expensive American product, but later moved to Moscow Tamir – we liked it. (With him, by the way, you can make smart fast compost). So we took two plastic containers out of PVA glue in the price of 2000 rubles each and put them on the diagram above. Particular focus on the need to wear a tee for all pipes headroom inside the vessel – this will save us from floating debris on the surface of surface-active substances (Soaps, shampoos, posudomoi, etc.). Be sure the connection tube and the vapor above the working liquid level. For the compounds we used conventional gray sewer pipes, which are then warmed and foams foam.

It is better to use red special pipes for the outdoor sanitation. The compounds we generously glued with silicone sealant and wrapped with gray duct tape plumbing. You may want to pipe connections with tanks undergo epoxide. At the outlet of the pipe on the aeration is advisable to install a check valve (expensive stuff – about 1,500 rubles), which will prevent groundwater numb. Part of this may help to create a negative bias in outlet pipe and leach field. Immersed in the ground tanks is desirable to strengthen the outside of the iron or wooden boards and foam insulate the sides and especially at the top. Also, you can insulate the house to go septic sewer pipes. On the ground vysokopuchnistyh recommend to fill in concrete tanks to prevent ascent tanks. In our case, the turf do not necessarily. Also, it is necessary to withdraw ventilation. In theory – the output of should not be less than 4 meters, so as not to bring trouble not myself, nor the neighbors, but in practice, the use of a biological product Tamir, author smelled septic vent pipe at a height of 1.5 meters and was shocked by the flavor. That More importantly for the septic tank? Try not to lower the toilet toilet paper, although the same Tamir it breaks down, but still – better beware. Do not empty detergent in large quantities. By the way, to prevent murder all kinds of beneficial bacteria, making their useful work in the first tank of a septic tank with faeces, we derived the drain of a bathroom and a shower once in the second tank. This will provide better conditions for those who love the feces bacteria in the septic tank first. In contrast to the round of septic tanks, septic tanks, these were not seen during ascent during the swelling of the soil. However, you can tie them for reassurance to the mortgage concrete slab – a stand. Especially note that the SNIP prohibits dumping pipe aeration haydite fields, slag or any other kind of Charging insulation.