Powder Coatings

At the turn of 60-70 years of the twentieth century came a fundamentally new kind of paints and varnishes – powder paint. Impetus to the emergence and spread of powder paints were of excellent quality: non-waste technology coatings (paints almost complete recovery in powder coating, their return to the production cycle), the relative simplicity and economy of the technological process of coating (usually applied one layer instead of two or three, as when applying liquid paints), ease of automation of painting works, which contributes to a sharp increase in labor productivity, the application of powder coatings can reduce energy consumption in the production of coatings by 20-40% compared to the use of liquid paint, lowering the degree of fire and explosion hazards of production, good performance of the coatings that go beyond the physical and chemical properties of coatings prepared from liquid paints, environmental considerations – in the absence of organic solvents, paints and other volatile substances and, consequently, the absence of their release into the atmosphere from the point of protection for the environment the application of powder paints, solvent-free, has a clear advantage: no need to install expensive to clean polluted air, the effective electrostatic application of polymer powder paint provides a low level of losses. We can say that the environmental benefits of the equipment for powder polymer paint lead to economic, that is not only help reduce pollution, but also bring considerable savings to the consumer (reduced working space, reduced consumption of materials – Utilization of powder coatings over 97%)..