Vodafone Concept

COSITAS INCLUDING THAT OF CELLULAR LOOK TO JAPAN Dr Kigurumi a very special! difficulty of succeeding in the technology market nipon, makes companies increasingly invest in advertising to try to steal customers competencia.La advertising in Japan is characterized by its extravagance, for its simplicity and logos for your speech entertaining. You tend to use child iconography and illustrations abound with “sympathetic little drawings. This concept of iconography clashes with western streams, where everything follows a formalism and design sophistication tends to seek and elegancia.La company Vodafone, the tail as a percentage of mobile users in Japan, after Domo wants to win share of subscribers to all coast and no one has thought nothing else to do an advertisement for one of their new phones which introduces the concept of “texture” in a holster. If you thought that everything was already discovered in the phone, then no, the texture is a new concept to design the loop crimp in a cell phone, and not enough hangers for mobiles, not with extravagant colors, even with the covers interchangeable, it is time for the texturing of this moviles.Para Dr Kigurumi has devised a real freak of the costumes that disguise the most unbelievable costumes to advertise the first 12 covers for mobile textured Toshiba V501T