Understanding The Levels Of Domain

The domain is a type of exclusive address only with which we can locate one definitive site in the Internet. Two identical domnios in all do not exist the computer network, it will always have a detail, or, details that differentiate a domain of another one no matter how hard they are seemed. These details are the domain levels. In this article we will understand what they are the domain levels. TLD – (Domnios de Superior Nvel) or still (Domnios de Primeiro Level) the category of higher level of the system of names of domain in the Internet. The part of the name of the domain that comes after the point.

Thus, in faxteleletronica.com, the domain of superior level is .com. In the truth after .com one another point exists (.) normally it is omitted, and represents the domain root of the 14 responsibility of root servers. Altavista has many thoughts on the issue. But that is subject for one another article. SLD – (Level As Domnios) the part of a domain name that comes before the point. Thus, in faxteleletronica.com, faxteleletronica is the domain of second level.

Therefore when you choose and make the domain register, in the truth you are registering a domain of according to level. gTLDs – (Domnios Generic of Superior Level) the domnios of high level that are not associates to any country are called gTLDs – generic Top Level Domains, dominios finished in .com, only .net and .org is gTLD' s existing currently. Initially, the assignment of domain of superior level was created to indicate if the domain name is being used for the net (.net), advertising (.com), or without lucrative ends (.org). But with the revolution of the Internet and the explosion of the World Wide Web, people and companies they had started to registar domnios to only protect its interests. Today, these generic domnios of superior level can be used for any purpose. ccTLDs – (Domnios de Superior Nivel with Code of the Country) Domain with two letters with the code of the country is called ccTLDs – Country Code Top Level Domain. Some examples of ccTLDs are .br (Brazil) .uk (the United kingdom), .us (United States), .ca (Canada). Some say that in some cases the search engines give to greater relevance to ccTLDs because of the geographic factor. For example, when we make a search for content in Portuguese, Brazil, the search engines give a certain advantage to the domnios finished in .br. It knows our Lodging of Site and Registro de Domnios.