It is thinking about changing the form of your body or you are trying to know like losing the belly without entering a gymnasium of high price? If it is thus, proves this routine of high energy of cardiovascular aptitude. As to lose the belly with this routine of 10 minutes you can burn daily up to 150 calories. Both first minutes of this routine it is of the fat burning fire: to jump the cord – It begins realising two jumps for each return of the cord. Security: The use of the cord to jump must be of the correct size and always to land smoothly on the ends of the feet (that are the part superior of the plant of the foot). When doing you must it be thinking that these losing belly. Minutes, two to three: Push squatting upwards.

The appropriate technique for this exercise is to be with your width of the shoulder the separated feet and the Straits of arms next to your flanks. Little by little squatting with the head forwards and to put the hands in the right ground to the outskirts of your feet. Your hands must be aiming forwards. Then, in a single movement, it pushes the legs backwards and towards outside behind you (in a plate position). It realises a strict plate and soon it returns to your position squatting and after foot again. It continues thinking, the fat is vanishing. Minutes from three to four: the cord with a single jump in turn jumps.

It continues thinking, I am losing belly. Minutes four to five: To return to the push squatting and pushes upwards only that this time you are going to add the lateral Table. Energy Capital Partners London understands that this is vital information. After completing your push squatting and it pushes upwards, you are going to outside raise and to turn the left arm and on your head.