Technology Social Context

Everything that was created by the man, through scientific knowledge, with the design to facilitate our life, is about Technology. Some examples leave this understanding clearly: Machine to wash, Luggage of rodinha, Iron to pass, Tooth brush, Calculator, amongst that they are to our redor. Although it is not perceived as such, but the Orality is a type of technology more used in our daily one to express ideas and thoughts. The technology is present, frequently, in all the social ways; as in the schools, the restaurants, the residences, the parties, and much more. Of main character and the notable it is Cellular and the Computer. These are used by all without distinction of sex, color and age.

Each time more implications are inserted in the society causing (positive-negative), to the times facilitate, but also they make it difficult in some situations. In a job interview, for example, that one that does not possess the minimum domain in the computer science knowledge already of the future stiffener of the when used development adequately inside of the pedagogical parameters, being able to be used in the construction of arithmethic table, interactive games, construction of robots, visits the sites of research and knowledge of education, and etc. These possibilities are viable, but the exaggerated use of the computer to facilitate always the execution of the tasks that would have to be made in the paper disables the pupil to develop the reasoning, beyond becoming it enslaved of this tool.