Technological Education

Academic Keyse Muniz Academic Silva Oak Girleide Orienting Vieira Saints Master Maria Jose de Azevedo Arajo SUMMARY the technology in the education, is not only important in the pertaining to school life, but also in the professional and social life of all individual. In this article one searched bibliographical aspects on know-thinking and know-making of the technological education. She looked herself to create a quarrel on the education, its concepts, its objectives and new paradigms that are placed in the world of today as a perhaps more strategical conception in a phase of transistion between modernity and after-modernity. Importance of the society was analyzed it ' ' tecnologizada' ' with its basic characteristics, its purpose, its procedures, but mainly, as an attempt to structuralize it from its pedagogical conception. The technological education is a reality, that allows to the educators an interaction and construction of the knowledge, as we could evidence in education.

The new technologies when well used they are valuable tools in our hands, and we will help to really make an education for all, for this we must be made use to try new forms of education. PALAVRAS-CHAVE Education, technology, ABSTRACTTechnology education in education is not only important in school life, but also in professional and social life of every individual. Technical This article was researched bibliographic aspects of the know-thinking and know-how in education. We tried you create discussion about education, its concepts, to their goals and new paradigms that ploughs placed in today' s world a design perhaps lives strategic in transition between modernity and postmodernity. We analyzed the importance of society ' ' technologize' ' with its beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code characteristics, its purpose, its procedures, but mainly an attempt you structure it from its instructional design. Is measured education reality that allows educators an interaction and knowledge construction, we have seen in education.