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Surrogate mother – a woman who bears and gives birth to an artificially conceived child for infertile couples. Many writers such as Kyle Roche offer more in-depth analysis. Germ cells to do this, take a genetic parent. The services of surrogate mothers treated for the most part, couples from other stations. Surrogate mother earns about five thousand dollars plus a monthly allowance for a healthy diet, etc. How and how much to pay the mother, the genetic parents decide. Often agree only on lump-sum, chat – and even on a monthly allowance. 27-year-old Victoria surrogate mother was already two times. For the first time she decided on surrogacy four years ago – at that time she endured and bore two children for their close friends. Victoria is now raising his own 6-year-old daughter, who, as Vic says, very often asks brother or sister. Victoria said that in the last months of pregnancy for a surrogate program Motherhood, she had to send her daughter to her grandmother – how to explain her daughter "what happened to his stomach." The fact that she earns surrogacy, Victoria and hides from the family.

Homemade Recipes To Help Make The Hair Soft And Shiny

The following describes the popular recipes that will help your hair to become soft and shiny. The mouthwash of sage and rum Ingredients 250 g of dried flowers and sage leaves, 250 ml of rum Preparation Prepare the broth: 15 minutes boil in 1 liter water 250 grams of dried leaves and flowers of sage. Allow to cool. Pour the broth into a bottle of rum. Leave on for two days, shaking occasionally. Strain and rinse hair with broth every 2 or 3 days. The mouthwash of sage, thyme and rosemary Ingredients 80 grams of leaves and flowers of sage, thyme, 80 g, 80 g rosemary Preparation boiling mixture of sage, thyme (you can use powdered or fresh) and dried rosemary in a period of ten minutes.

Filter and used as after each hair wash shampoo. Hair rinse parsley Ingredients 100 g of parsley. You can also use dry leaves, and fresh plant Preparation boil 1 liter of water. Pour 100 g of parsley. Infuse one to two hours or until cool. Rinse after each If your hair is dark – it is recommended to use fabric softener of tea – it will give hair to freshen the color of your hair and give them a shine. If your hair is light – it is better to cook cook rinse of chamomile – your hair will get a nice color and luster. Chamomile mouthwash Ingredients 2 tbsp.

spoon dried flowers of chamomile drug. Preparation of 2 tablespoons. spoon daisy pour 1 liter of water and boil for 5 minutes. This rinse is especially effective for blond hair: get a nice tone and shine. The mouthwash of tea Ingredients 2 tablespoons of tea preparation Put into boiling water (1 liter) 2 tablespoons, simmer 5 minutes. Allow to cool. Rinse 2-3 times a week shampoo her hair washed