House Angel here offer a real alternative the recently introduced third care quality report, the medical service of the health insurance (MDK) clearly shows that there are serious problems at the nursing homes. About 140,000 people are held with bars or straps in the bed or wheelchair. Every tenth missing for the required warrant. In the firm belief to be able to effect such facts contrary to House Edwards GmbH, Germany’s largest franchisor in the field of domestic supply and round-the-clock care has become”fully ambulatory care committed. The company offers the combination of support services and high-quality basic and treatment care manager – and infirm people in your own four walls of those affected for several years in collaboration with ambulatory care services and other partners. The use of a House Angel for the 24-hour care is nationwide possible. The House Angel Betreuungsdienstleister are in Germany insured and all relevant authorities, including the IRS, reported. The company from the Hessian Ebsdorfergrund near Marburg offers all of its franchisees compulsory professional training and further education at the Government-approved and certified home Angel Academy. “We know that with care in your own four walls of quality and quality assurance a crucial role to play. The certification of our company and the training of all House Angel franchisee at our State-approved Academy causes that our House Angel clearly differentiate themselves from other care providers active on the market”, makes it clear his commitment managing director Simon Wenz. Juliane Schneider