The new structure shows the rights with 263 benches, whereas the lefts hardly obtained 161. Thanks to God, the voters took it brings back to consciousness of the necessity to return to the traditional values, capitalist good sense and the appropriate defense of its countries. The example will result in the globe and will arrive at North America, but it will delay four years at least; until the turn to Obama finishes to him. Despite four years they can be fatal for the humanity. To Hitler five were enough to him to devastate Europe. A as powerful brake as the one of the EU to interventionism of Washington, is vital to establish the equilibrium of forces in the planet and to begin to take the correct measures to stop the incursion islamist.

The Arab immigrants in Europe will have to be put under totally the laws of the western democracy or will have to return to their countries. The elections of the European Parliament are the introduction than it will happen there in each country of the Union when it is called on to them to choose his new governments, of his importance. Rodriguez Zapatero who was supporting with the PSOE the Latin American dictators, can always say goodbye for to his poltrona. Chvez, Morals, Kirchner & Company., no longer will be received with applause in the Old World. With Europe and Asia to the right, plus the internal opposition that will begin to grow as the romance of the first year falls, the North American president will have to take care of his speech and its actions before venturing itself to continue promoting his socialism and solidarity Islamic pro. Perhaps now Israel begins to receive the support that as much needs Europe, although the anti-semitism of the extreme right, that also acquired force in the voting, can be adverse for the Jews of the continent and the relations with Israel. Anyway, there is no doubt that it will be less influential than the leftist anti-semitism, that became politically correct.