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Gilded Development

To first seen it indicates Rmpzyk, that sounds to us to Biology, to geography, medicine. But from the point of view of the policy of the development he is one of the crucial subjects that they will determine the North-South behavior in the next years. People such as Peter Asaro would likely agree. A more excellent subject, for example, that the related thing to the indebtedness of the 80, is that the diversity of species of the tropical countries of the South is at the moment the Gilded one that international the pharmaceutical partnerships and the agro-industry aspire to obtain like capital property exclusive mobilizing, technology and to the best lawyers. One says that there a development with perspective resides a great opportunity of the countries of the South to do reality of the future conserving its diversity of species. ersa has similar goals. To all this the interest to the Government Revolutionary Bolivariano under the direction of the lieutenant is added in addition colonel Hugo Chavez, the necessity to operate the strip of the Orinoco and the openings that have made with several countries develop companies that allow to optimize results of this operation to favor not only of the country but of countries with those who it has made alliances. The important thing to be kind which will be the social cost of it, the environmental cost. It is not possible to be ignored what indicated agro-industrial Rmpzyk, that during the last decades, all the conservation of resources in the South was prevented by the models of industrial development that has been materialized as a steep instrument in the natural landscape and power consumption for the road construction, dams, tunnels, urbanism and complexes. It is not necessary to forget that the biodiversity of the South opposes in North its technological development, its financial power and its legal systems, (especially the international legislation on patents). Of here the necessity to reach a balance of interest between the South and the North.

Canales Service

In the economic climate of today, the majority of users this trimming its budgets everything what they can. with the cost of the services of television by cable or satellite anywhere ascending to 65 – 150 dollars to the month in average – and if you have channels premium – much people are more making of her televisions the first victim of cuts. What happens if there is a form to enjoy thousands of television channels, including international programs and of sports, and not to return to pay another monthly cable invoice? This is what offers Satellite Direct – of the television the future. Without monthly invoices nor by service of subscription, without installation of equipment, and limitless access of type 24/7, is the wonder that Internet Average Magazine denominated ” unequivocally the best software of TV to PC in red”. It is not necessary to let itself deceive by that they give limited access or only they have dozens of hidden expenses that end up more costing than your present invoice of TV cable.

By a price smaller than the price of a month of subscription to a service of cable or satellite, your you can enjoy television of by life – more than 3500 channels – from the convenience of your computer, is portable or table. And olvdate to hope by installation that spends the line communication company. It is very easy: 1. Regstrate – It responds a few questions, and our easy system of registry will process your UNIQUE payment. NOT MORE MONTHLY INVOICES. 2.

Unloading – It follows the easy instructions in screen to unload software. or it is necessary to install no equipment. It is not necessary to buy any equipment. 3. Sight and enjoys – Sintate and enjoys hundreds of television channels, from novels to sports and films at any time. With an image similar to the crystal and quality of sound, an exceptional service to the client and a service of television of by life by less than what payments to the month by service of cable, Satellite Direct is the best form to have more by your money.

Keys Of The E Commerce

Whether it is a question of to create a virtual store or to take to the world online a traditional activity, is essential to think about certain considerations about the own logic of Internet, that will determine future of our commercial emprendimiento. To begin with houses of auctions is an excellent departure point to begin to know payment and shipment methodologies, but it is a experience very limited for the ambitious entrepreneur who wants to dedicate itself to e-commerce. The good marketing Publicitar the own store online is a task that cannot be reduced to one or two specific action, but is necessary to think a strategy which it contemplates so much the natural positioning and marketing payment in motors search, the traditional publicity and all the actions that we consider opportune for our store online. It is fundamental to provide fast communication channels and to offer a fast answer to all the consultations that our potential clients can have. Average of electronic payment One of the aspects less investigated by the retailers noveles is the question of means of electronic payment. It is necessary to consider that certain means of electronic payment operate at national level, and others do at international level. The best option is to investigate the most used, and to consult the policies of reception and basic retirement of them.

At international level, the most recommendable option, is for the purchase or for the sale, it is Paypal. Satisfaction to the client To attract potential clients is not more than a part of the work of the electronic commerce. The other part is to secure the total satisfaction of the form client, so to conform an increasing circle of buyers, which, if we obtained that they are contentments with the service and the quality of the products that we offer in our store online, will not doubt in recommending our Web to other clients who also can be interested in buying our products. Resources online Luckyly, tools for entrepreneurs, some gratuitous ones exist in Internet innumerable. So it is so he is possible nothing less than to take ahead emprendimiento exclusively from software and gratuitous tools of marketing. Although Internet has facilitated the purchase and the sale, we must consider that the best weapon is, without a doubt, the perseverancia. Sometimes so that our store is recognized must occur a slow process of consolidation of the mark, positioning in finders and obtaining of the confidence.