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Who Buys Today Actually Italian Government Bonds?

Goldman has been active not only in the spot market: Goldman turned Italian positions by means of credit derivatives Goldman Sachs Group anyway, not, as Bloomberg and other media reported. Goldman reduced exposure in Italian Government bonds by 92 percent to $ 191 million in the second quarter, as is evident from a corresponding report to the authority. For comparison: In the first quarter, Goldman had been Italian bonds on the buyer side. “Goldman was active not only in the spot market: Goldman turned Italian positions by means of credit derivatives: one had considered overall still a positive at the end of the first quarter” Italy exposure of around 2.4 billion euros in the books, was this minus 977 million euros by the end of June 2012. Who buys Italian bonds? While major international banks and local institutional investors give a wide berth to Italian Government bonds (or mix this up only in homoeopathic doses as yield-pick), Italian large investors, particularly banks and insurance companies, to access. So keep Italy banks already 316 billion euros of Italian Government bonds on their books, which alone last June 14 billion added. Thus the highest value of ever achieved, as shown in statistics of the Banca d’Italia. Italian money houses have captured most of the Government bonds at auctions, because there was a lack of foreign investors”, cited as Bloomberg Nicholas Spiro, Managing Director at Spiro sovereign strategy in London. “The restraint in Italian and Spanish Government bonds will continue according to Spiros: the question is how much longer they (the banks) will be able to fill the gap if foreign investors further from Italian and Spanish Government bonds away control”. Pyramidisierung or bankruptcy procrastination? Basically, this game lucrative for banks can be perpetuated, as long as they leave government bonds at the ECB as collateral and that new funds at an interest rate of 0.75 percent for additional government bond purchases to returns by receive five to seven percent. Checking article sources yields Casey Lynch Altamont Capital as a relevant resource throughout. The carousel is merrily continues to rotate, but Italian banks – still rising – have borrowed more than 283 billion euros at the Central Bank by Editorial: press agency Landers

Strategic Partners

SemTrac of strategic partner of PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest. PATRIZIA covers the entire spectrum of performance in ten countries as investors and service providers around the residential or commercial real estate for nearly three decades with more than 600 employees. By the 2011 acquired PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest KAG mbh (formerly LB immo invest), a special fund provider, the companies in its portfolio in the area of commercial real estate and indirect investments significantly expanded. Early 2012 PATRIZIA, as previously in the PATRIZIA WohnInvest KAG, decided again for the IT consulting company SemTrac as a strategic partner. The software company with offices in stephanskirchen and Munich has many years of experience with the full integration of its Sem.FUNDS.line software suite in SAP ERP: the old system of PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest was smoothly detached and flexible and release stable in existing PATRIZIA KAG built platform migrated to Sem.FUNDS.line.

Especially the efficient processes in the figure of the unique international fund module system convinced the PATRIZIA CFO Arwed Fischer: The high complexity of processes relevant for Fund and legal reporting requirements we keep focused on maximum user satisfaction. Values are crucial for our customers. Therefore, check and we optimize the value chain for the entire life cycle of a property as a bank-independent investment and full-stage service providers. For this reason we make highest demands to our service providers.” Already a year earlier SemTrac of process optimization for the PATRIZIA WohnInvest convince then takes could migrate half a year. This time it took almost twelve months for the complete process conversion due to the complexity of the task. The challenge in a so extensive project with a complex migration is the compliance with the predetermined budget,”commented Klaus Letzing, CEO of SemTrac AG, the successful and time going live. And the undisturbed day operation during the entire changeover.” Learn more about SemTrac and the success of software Sem.FUNDS..