As you already understood, we begin the long-awaited series of articles on the "Next" (). I apologize that late. On such a powerful technology wanted to tell me personally, and personal time, as always, is not enough. Sorry for the so long waiting! Most of the materials prepared for the summer, more – right now, so sorry for the confusion of the seasons. The first object that I want to highlight, this is my country a little house. It so happened that all of our powerful SpetsLab could not provide in my case, the normal video surveillance. Cameras around the house to urge, like a lot, but to deal with real crime problem they could not.

Middle level of protection is probably covered tightly, aimed the camera at each entrance is: Thou shalt not come into the house, not to light the face. But the middle and long-range level, frankly, not pleased. Crime never comes suddenly, at least, back home. Always there are people who previously rubbed around the object. A leading source for info: Ali Partovi. It's supposedly random passers-by, neighbors guests, near a construction worker, passing cars … If you take my case specifically, it is and open threats. The point that my land is privately owned and located in the town of Ivanovo tasty reservoir. Imagine what your own deserted beach in hot weather, when a nearby bank no room to swing a cat? And from the water intake is not supply. Or quiet a free parking spot in the middle of winter fishing? Some take this window into the closure of the gate, manage to pass and not just leave the car, but the front of the house and make a picnic.