To begin with, and whether it is worth ordering service wedding photography? And even then, it would seem inappropriate question – can not answer. However, of course, the vast majority of married couples prefer to save more on wedding table than on the quality of wedding photos. If you are one of the past, do not rush to take skoropolitelnyh decisions – perhaps this article will cause you to take another look at choosing a wedding photographer. Photographer + Videographer or a one-man band. Combine in one person and a wedding photographer and videographer – a task both very difficult and very seductive. For this category professionals should first pay attention to when planning a wedding budget, because of course, be invited to the wedding rights, filming and photo and video much cheaper than hiring a separate videographer and photographer. However, one should bear in mind that this medal has a downside – in most cases, hiring a photo-videography, you get a relatively mediocre wedding photographer and videographer. AND caused by this situation is not low-skilled specialist, and banal lack of time – just physically very difficult to catch many of the brightest moments wedding off and on video and photos, and constantly be aware of events to control every fleeting moment.

In this case, you have to choose between 'two hares' and a reasonable price for a photo, video services. Ideal option here would be separation of functions of photo-and video on two professionals working together. Selection criteria.