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Federal Railways

New entry in the app store: British timetable train search of cross country as an iPhone application available the route planner developed by the software company HCon for the iPhone has now the distribution partner Kadfire Ltd. entered the British market received. The timetable of CrossCountry now also the British take trains after the Austrians and Danes more comfortable to their destination. The mobile route planner train search travelers with all relevant railway timetables for short-haul and long-haul connections. By the individual timetable departure plans and maps up down to clues to the nearest train stations all the important information available at any time. Check out Ali Partovi for additional information. The iPhone displays not only timetable data for the entire schedule from England, Wales and Scotland: whether travellers or greeters live and currently they experience at any time, whether your train is on time or whether errors exist and what alternative connections. The engineering company HCon has the route planner SCOTTY mobile with the oBB (Austrian Federal Railways) is realized for the iPhone as well as the Danish timetable Rejseplanen.

The applications based on the timetable information system HAFAS. The leading HCon timetable information system will be established in 18 countries. HAFAS for the iPhone for CrossCountry includes all British short-haul and long-haul connections. The nearest stations are displayed based on the current position. Actual arrival times, track number and duration of footpaths can easily be read on the display. Also the traveler learns how much time until you reach the exit, and whether the desired connection can still be achieved.

Connection details provide information about stops and the train equipment. Maps to facilitate the orientation. A favorite feature for stations and connections plus auto history for last made queries is also integrated. As Britain’s biggest railway operates cross country on a network of more than 1400 miles with over 100 stations, from Aberdeen to Penzance, Bournemouth to Manchester and Stansted to Cardiff. Over 30 million passengers annually around 16 million miles with cross country drive trains. The company employs around 1700 people. Train search for the iPhone has realized together with the Stuttgart-based company CaperWhite HCon, a software company specialising in the development of iPhone applications.

Cell Phones

Perfect in every way the senior mobile phone from emporia life plus even the older generation wants to mix with finally the lifestyle and social life has now fundamentally changed: it is more healthy and fit. This means that the life of seniors has revolutionized itself; the last third of life can be enjoyed as active and fitter than ever before. Nevertheless, older people have other needs: for example, the company has designed emporia life plus a special senior mobile phone, which is tailored precisely to the needs, wishes and ideas of the elderly. Because this also seniors want to make phone calls and mobile that’s for sure. After a certain age, but the hearing is bad or you have eye problems: adapted exactly to these problems was the senior mobile emporia life plus.

So the built-in speakers at this special mobile are designed so that they produce no disturbing noises in people with hearing aids or cause, respected in regard to people suffering from cataracts was taken also on the color schemes in the display. In principle you can relate the senior mobile phone from emporia life plus in different versions: the different product lines have however to make all a common communication as easy as possible. Accordingly, the panels have an appropriate size, the same is true for the keyboard and pressure points. Also the arrangement of the elements on the display has been adapted to the needs of the elderly. Who would like to have more precise information about the senior mobile phone from emporia life plus, which incidentally also the website of the company is recommended: this is so clearly structured and easy to use as the senior mobile phone of the company itself. Much time is also used in research and development at emporia life plus inserted: Finally it comes to the mobile to make that it is reduced to the essential and which must be thought through thoroughly.

High Speed Mobile Internet

HSDPA + the new standard Internet access mobile operators such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 are planning in the near future the expansion of HSDPA network to customers provide even more server speed. Although the current UMTS yet no coverage with the maximum speed network, theoretically 14,400 Mbit / s are possible, is thinking about a new technology. With HSDPA + speeds are planned, are level on high DSL. According to mobile operators, a download speed of 42 Mbit / s is possible. That would mean that even large files via UMTS in the extension HSDPA + could be downloaded within a very short time from the Internet. More multiple-antenna transmission is intended for this expansion.

This technique is already used range very successfully in the Wi-Fi. Another big advantage is that the UMTS licensees must perform no further expansion of its infrastructure. Should be for HSDPA + sufficient customers be found, mobile operators are quite fast with the conversion or Begin the extension of mobile Internet access. With long-term evolution (LTE) networks, there is still a further candidate for mobile Internet access, which is to reach even 100 Mbit/s. Also here faster latency can be realized. For LTE, but large investments in infrastructure are to make. If it is possible the mobile operators here to calculate prices which are similar to a DSL connection, and no longer to limit the UMTS flatrates, 5 GB per payroll period HSDPA + could evolve as a new standard for Internet access. It is however anticipated that this will take years. Peter Lindner

Bonn Trade

Climate-neutral trade fair due to CO2 compensation Hofheim/Bonn. The natural textile InNTex is the most important order fair in the area of green fashion and natural textiles in Europe. Now, the sustainable InNTex trade fair concept is expanded gradually to active climate protection: this cooperates the InNTex Organizer this year with the Bonn climate protection agency CO2OL. Smartphone app for the calculation of the CO2 footprint the InNTex-visitors for the first time given the opportunity, live to calculate the footprint of their arrival via Smartphone. The newly developed tool has developed in collaboration with ecoScan initiative for sustainable consumer behaviour CO2OL.

Every visitor to the InNTex receives a voucher, a QR code is printed on the with its trade fair documents. Is this a read about the Smartphone camera, comes the visitor directly to an optimized website, which he step by step running through the calculation of its personal CO2 footprint. The user of both the current state of the climate protection project CO2OL is then “Tropical mix” informed, balanced use of your trade fair visit no longer avoidable CO2 emissions. The organizer of the InNTex automatically ensure that 80 kilograms of CO2 of every visitor be restored. Whose arrival has caused more CO2, which can compensate for the difference in addition even by CO2OL and in this way completely climate neutral perform his InNTex exhibition visit.

Regardless of the compensation leads the CO2 calculation visitors in mind, how much greenhouse gas emissions caused mobility and encourages the participants to avoid CO2 emissions through conscious action or to save. On a screen in the entrance area, all participants can inform therefore at any time about the current status: there is represented the number of compensated visitors arrive via live update in real time and so are animated more InNTex visitors to participate in.