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Throat, we usually refer to the throat. Inflammation of the tonsils – angina – the most common disease of the throat. Tonsils are caught as locators that, because of what could screw up your nose. Sooner or later the person brings haughtiness, which does not allow the mind to seek sobriety. What people consider themselves smarter, the more he fire himself and his more serious angina.

He, or his child. It is very difficult to trace the doctor all the way the disease as a child and an adult. There are several reasons. First, once the doctor to seek spiritual conversation and candid patient here, and a psychologist is not always cope. Because, secondly, people are not eager to admit their own mistakes and is afraid that it will be something to blame.

Moreover, the prosecution sees everything. From fear. That's honestly say that 'the wind blew', someone nearby sneezed, or can not remember and do not know where What is sick. Let's take a specific example to try to find out – where 'dog-bolyaka buried'. Angina Remember the day before the flu, when your child gets sick of it. A few days praising him you, but I suddenly found that he was somewhat at fault. Your resentment spilled on the child in the form of charges. Joyful expression on his face faded, replaced by alienation. You did not pay attention to it, for in-righteous anger betrayed the joyous little lies, floated a child out of a desire to look better and the fear of confession.


Cellulite affects all women without exception, but in some process changes in the skin begins earlier, at others – later. Although, according to the American beauty Sharon Stone is suffering from the disease almost his youth, it is important not from complexes, and to believe that nature once so decided to fight cellulite is useless, we still give some advice. What is cellulite? This is no ordinary obesity, and disease of subcutaneous fat. If a healthy tissues the waste products of cells go through the pores of the cell membrane and are carried away by the blood stream, the slightest discord in the body leads to the formation of cellulite. Here’s how: membrane pores are blocked, products blood supply and lymphatic drainage. Thus, cellulite – it is a skin condition where the cells disrupted inference toxins. They accumulate inside cells by blocking blood flow and lymph flow.

As a result, the skin becomes rough, lumpy and stiff. Jackie Andrade might disagree with that approach. Cellulite – is not the result of excess weight, they get sick and thin women. The reasons for the appearance of cellulite Hormonal disorders in the body. Efforts to develop such disorders can serve as pregnancy, adolescence and menopause, the beginning and end of the course receive contraceptives. Peter Asaro recognizes the significance of this. Malnutrition Stress Pollution Lack of physical activity.

Smoking and alcohol. Genetic predisposition of the organism. HOW TO HELP YOURSELF? If you are determined to read on their own to get rid of cellulite, think that this problem did not arise overnight and today with It does not deal with. Meet with the recommendations of experts: 1. Treating cellulite requires a systematic, integrated approach. The causes of cellulite and not enough variety to make changes in diet and set of exercises, although this should be the starting point of treatment. But these changes must be combined with other treatments. pic. 2. Patience and persistence – your motto for a long time. To a simple cut has healed, it takes several days, the bruise disappears in a week, and the fracture heals in six weeks. These injuries heal relatively quickly thanks to a good blood supply to surrounding tissues. Affected tissues poorly supplied with cellulite blood. For effective treatment we have to make the body to change its cell structure through its own recovery mechanism, and this takes time. 3. Cellulite is a relatively large part of the body, and treat to literally every inch of the affected tissue. Cosmetologists say that a more or less effective for treatment of cellulitis following methods: Subcutaneous elektrolipoliz skin elektrolipoliz Liposuction Wraps gemolimfodrenazh Vacuum massage is used sometimes ultrasound massage options are not free from side effects, much more unpleasant than the cellulite. 4. Antitsillyulitnaya diet.


Money Money – a means of subsistence. Click Dell to learn more. Money is never enough. Money is property quickly end, rill. And that would be money wisely spent and lack of ZP to ZP, need consideration, as in accounting. It is necessary to have a notebook in which to record the daily expenses. Graphs about such, but there may be others – it depends on your imagination. Income / data / flow / total daily writing down everything that is buying up to a box of matches, for 3 months you'll know how much is your cost of living. Knowing as needed for products that you can plan a big waste.

You are a young family, you need a lot. Got ZP both – a lot of money. I would like both – a stream flowed. Prior to ZP another three weeks – and no money. Start nitpicking with by her husband: "You are not economical, but my mother …

…" You also do not stay in debt, "You earn too little, but my dad …" To avoid this, you need a record of cash and planning. That such a sum, we defer to products – the sum set aside in an envelope with the words "food". Such a sum – for clothes – an envelope with the words "clothes". The third envelope labeled, "the Bank", that is, the amount deferred in the "bank" – is not wasted. Let it be 100 = 200 rubles, but this first joint of your savings. Gradually the envelope with the words "bank" begins to "heat" soul. So you can collect money to buy some necessary things, and maybe a year to collect and leave. Thus your money on control, and when there is no control and no money, because they tend to sand. Very often, buying food, spending money, eating these foods you start feverishly: "Where I've been doing that much money?!" Most of the the family budget is spent on food. Considering monthly expenses, subtracting that amount from the income you'll need to know how much on food. And knowledge – is power. Therefore, you will eventually become a smart, strong and lean. And you can proudly say – "I am a good housewife, I know the expense of money!" To be continued …

Tovey Browning

The herbal Massage therapist came to us from Thailand and India. The main tool of massage – heated bags of plants (eg, ginger, geranium, sage), rich in essential oils and other bioactive ingredients. Their zaparivayut boiling water or hot oil, is often added to the mixture sesame or rice. This massage improves metabolism, restores muscle, normalizes the lymph and blood circulation, nourishes the skin useful substances. And he has a great lifting effect – it is checked generations of Indian beauties! Anti-Aging stone massage to facial massage with precious stones as a means to preserve youthful skin resorted to another Cleopatra, and the followers of Ayurveda especially appreciate it because it helps to restore proper movement of energy in the body and sets it to self-treatment (and samoomolozhenie!). Someone may wish rubies, sapphires, emeralds just a beautiful piece (after all because a lot depends on the hands of a cosmetologist, massage therapist!), but fans of the Stone-therapy claim that the effect of it much stronger and longer than the usual massage person. Massage sinks original alternative to the Stone-body massage, imported from the Polynesian islands. During the session, the expert body massages empty flat shells of various shapes and sizes, lay them on energy points, makes the soft pressure and strokes.

This massage has a good anti-stress, relaxing and healing effect, and its cosmetic properties worthy of special praise. Because clams pre-chill in the sea water with algae, and during the procedure, the skin receives a large number of micro and macro. Increases its tone, improved collagen production, restore water balance. Vibrating massage has been scientifically proven: when we experience physical discomfort, there is depression, increases irritability. Therefore, the creator of the technology palsing (from English. – ‘Ripple’) Tovey Browning so important believes a comprehensive approach. Palsing – one of the most gentle massage. Reciprocating motion create vibrations, whose frequency is approximately equal to the frequency of our pulse.

While you blazhenstvuete, they activate activities of the various systems: circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine and others. Palsing is particularly useful for fatigue, insomnia, stress and immunity. Shiatsu with lifting effect unique massage system, developed by the Japanese doctor Tokiuro Namikoshi based on the effects on certain points (projections of) the so-called meridians, which moves vital energy. Besides the general effect ozdoravlivayushego Shiatsu is known for its cosmetic effect. It smooths wrinkles, reduces swelling and makes the skin supple and elastic. Rosiyskie beauticians have developed their anti-aging technique based on Shiatsu. Some techniques can be successfully used for daily self-massage – and you’re likely to look younger than in years.