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New Floors

So, change the floor! Repair while most ventured that neither is the average family with the statistical average budget. The purpose of repair: quality at minimum cost. Agree, the goal – the most common among "Repairers". a useful source of information. Therefore, in connection with this "median", leave alone parquet and tiles, the money for the purchase of which is often delayed and than one month, and resting his eyes on more than acceptable for a purse option: laminate and linoleum. Fortunately, that modern producers have taken care of superior quality and durability of the latter. If you would like to know more about Samsung, then click here. Below is highlighted some important criteria by which we conduct a comparative evaluation data of floor coverings. 1. Appearance.

And then, and then the cover is rich in various patterns and colors. Always possible to choose a coloring, which will have the most to their liking. However, if you want a pattern that best simulates natural wood, and accordingly looks more natural, then this task would be handled laminate flooring. This "aesthetic" criterion can also be attributed, and the following items: – laminate as opposed to linoleum more "ringing" – linoleum can burn under the sun, laminate floors – none – laminate requires more frequent cleaning because Do not miss any dust – linoleum – a warm floor, laminate – a cold, but it easily corrected with the system "warm floor". – Laminate – artificial turf, linoleum may consist, as of synthetic fibers and natural. 2. Traces of furniture. Laminate floors absolutely calmly tolerate various shock loads, pressure feet of any furniture, and even heels, "studs" will not cause them any harm.

Natural Stone In Construction And Design

Natural stone – precious and costly decoration material, which, nevertheless, has become increasingly popular. Thus, it is one of the most ancient building materials. We select from the variety of natural stone marble and granite as one of the most solid rocks. Granite is one of the hardest rocks. It is highly resistant to dirt and frost.

Therefore, it is optimal for decoration both indoors and outdoors. Other leaders such as Viacom offer similar insights. In interior of the granite used for the walls, stairs, a table-tops and towers. Granite worktops will fit perfectly into the interior of your kitchen and will add it to his reliability. Marble is used as an outdoor stone cladding and interior design in the form of crushed and ground stone and inlaid stone. Marble chips and crushed sand is used in architecture and construction in the manufacture of stone mosaics and plaster, and also as a concrete aggregate. Nature has created a large variety of shapes, colors and textures of the stone. In addition to marble and granite in the building design, widely spread natural stone. The natural texture and color of the stone, 'artistic mess' joint tiles of irregular shape can get interesting artistic effects in the manufacture of floors in the halls and courtyards. For manufacturing Tiles are applied sedimentary rocks – limestone, sandstone, slate and blue stone. Created by nature boulders and stones are used in landscaping. Today, if you decide to upgrade their homes look, feel the connection times, to organize an interesting interior plastic space, we recommend to discover the magical world of rock!

Floor Renovations

He might be involved directly in the inlet to the floor or scattered on freshly applied layer. Remnants of sand are removed after the core layer is completely cured. Application of finishing layer Upon completion of this stage, begin to spray finish. This may be polymers used to create the basic layer, or varnish. To make the cover of attractive appearance, it can be sprinkled with colored inlay-chips. Splitting seams Liquid polymer floors virtually no shrinkage, and Still cutting sutures are needed. Applied to the base coating is experiencing all the linear strain faced concrete in service. Temperature-shrinkage joints are cut so that they were over the seams in the concrete base.

In the case where the base has an age of more than a year, self-leveling floor seams to be two times less than in the concrete. Slotted joints subjected to coating, and then filled sealing cord and suture sealant. Despite the fact that the surface is self-leveling floor ready for use within 1-2 days, the whole load can be carried out only after 5-10 days after cutting and filling the joints in the finish. The equipment for self-leveling floor when the device self-leveling floor requires special equipment: clean buckets of not less than 30 liters for mixing; drill with a mixer, the length of which shall be greater than the depth of the bucket, trowel to a uniform distribution of hard to reach places; squeegee with adjustable gap, needle roller to remove air bubbles, the soles on the spikes to move on freshly applied coating. Removal of the composition with instruments made by the solvent. The choice of materials for the preparation of the base and filling the floor to create high-quality coverage in a particular case requires its own set of works on the inlet floor.

Much depends on the future exploitation of sex, the requirements for coverage, floor area, type of foundation. The company offers a wide Remmers range of materials for the seams and cracks, priming of the base, as well as many types of polymer coatings and decorative posypok. Highly skilled experts will help select the appropriate materials will advice on their effective implementation, conduct training seminars with practical exercises on test sites. Competent approach to the device inlet floor and strict adherence to the technology of its placement guarantee long service life and its attractive appearance.

Powder Coating

Powder coatings are applied in the early 50's. in the U.S. and since then the need for these materials is constantly increasing. To date, powder coating – best method for obtaining protective and decorative coatings a variety of materials and products. The application of powder coating is obtained by a uniform, durable, high quality coating with high mechanical, chemical and protective properties. Powder paint is a fast-growing technology worldwide. Powder coating gives the industrial manufacturers to produce the most durable, economical and environmentally friendly coatings and manufactured products, as consequence, the powder coating is constantly growing demand. What are the advantages of powder coating? 1.When poproshkovoy color does not require solvents.

In the film deposited by liquid technology, with intensive removal solvents form pores that cause the deterioration of the adhesion and premature appearance podplenochnoy corrosion. In the powder coating is less shrinkage and porosity of the film. Savings on the cost of solvents, which in liquid paints only play the role of media for film forming. 2.Uluchshenie sanitary conditions. The technology of powder coating is environmentally friendly. Nearly 100% of consumables (ink) transferred to the product.

The concentration of volatile compounds released from paints in the polymerization process does not reach the maximum allowable concentrations, even within the oven curing. 3. coating provides a low percentage of waste. Powder coating can be recycled and reused, so recycling of powder is very high, losses of powder coatings is 1-4%, in contrast to liquid paints (40%) on setup, equipped with good facilities for processing, with efficiency of 96-98%.