The question of whom to contact to provide their own interests or interests of the Czech Republic faces many citizens of former Soviet republics. When the future path of development chosen determined by the direction vector and the tasks that require executive in charge in the Czech Republic, foreigners have to process a large amount of information in search of the Internet and media Media decent performer and confidant. To simplify a complex search to nationals of: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, , Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan’s complex legal, social, official and partner services. We are working with representatives of all nationalities living on the territory of the above states and the territory European Union countries, America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia. We invite you to cooperate with real estate agencies, legal firms, businesses of all forms of ownership to represent their interests in the Czech Republic. Legal procedure of legalization of foreign nationals from all countries of the former post-Soviet space in the Czech Republic is almost the same except for some personal documents at registration. Procedure registration, business registration (legal entity) for all foreign citizens is similar, with all the attendant duties and rights. When contacting our company to a foreign citizen can expect not only the provision of services in the design of permanent residence, residence permits, citizenship, registration of real estate in the Czech Republic but also for all the information about the life and work of Russian-speaking population in the Czech Republic.

Free use of services and information from the Czech partners of our company. Through our company, a foreign citizen may apply for entry, filing, obtaining a visa to any of the consulates of the Czech Republic, located on the territory of the European Union: Austria, 1.B (cities of Salzburg, Linz, Klagenfurt, Graz) 2.B Bulgaria (Sofia) 3.In the Hungary (Budapest) 4.B Germany (Dresden, gg , Munich, Berlin, Nuremberg) 5.B Netherlands (cities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam) 6.B Slovakia (Cities, Bratislava, Kosice) 7B Poland (cities Warsaw, Katowice, Poznan, , Wroclaw) 8.V Romania (Bucharest) 9.B Estonia (Tallinn), Latvia 10.V (Riga) 11.V Lithuania (Vilnius) 12.V Kingdom, Luxembourg (Luxembourg) Clearly, questions of registration their homes, families and business registration for foreign citizens are the number one task. However, behind those in the process of this registration arises many questions about the life of Russian-speaking population in Czech Republic, the relationship with the Czechs, working conditions, public services, product pricing, cost of real estate, taxation and the nuances of purchasing licenses to one or another kind of activity, rental housing and arrangements for children in kindergartens, schools and universities. On all issues of integration into Czech society can get answers from the company’s employees “Prague Lion” provided legal review and the legality of planned and goals.