Cosenza, MD, Phd. Ivan Pavlov on the basis of demonstrated to the behavior the motor aspect and of the learning as it learns and it answers the stimulatons. The memory history of the proper individual that helps to form the behavior of the individual. Twin comparing bivitelino and univitelinos aspects perceive characteristics genetic influences are aggressiveness, homossexualismo, suicide, depression, anxiety. Wilhelm Wundt in the University of Leipzig launched an important base of Psychology, the Experimental one detaching the sensorial part where it perceives the sensations where these help in the formation of the personality. Carl Rogers points the limitations of the work of Borcos Fred Eric Skinner, therefore they privilege concepts as control and previsibility and forget concepts as freedom and the personal accomplishment. Making its research to become the mechanist and determinista man.

Gestalt with Wolfang Khler it looks for understands the total man basing on this idea that tries to understand the total man. ' ' Behaviourism (MR.) ' ' supported on cognitivos maps? interactions stimulaton-stimulaton? generated in the mechanisms cerebrais' '. Piaget demonstrates that the man is not a passive being reacts front to the way, but detaches the biological paper in this the cognitivo aspect. Vygotsky very detaches an important part for formation of the behavior the social aspect in this learning. In century nineteen, it improves with the development of the Physiology and of the Neurofisiologia the Central Nervous System and the endcrino System possess an integration, are regular and complementary. The lmbico System is the headquarters of the emotions.

Constituted of neurons forming the lmbico wolf. In it that the formation of the emotions occurs. It has diverse structures that they are part enters most important are Amgdala, Hipocampo, Thalamus, Hipotlamo. It has a part that conscience is had and another one that does not have they are diverse signals that they send to the Central Nervous System during the functioning.