Car hire and car rental, to important service industry in modern space. Most people have operated at certain moments of their lives of a car rental service. Whether on vacation, on a business trip, when moving or as spare vehicle after an accident or a breakdown. From small cars vans and trucks up to the luxury vehicle, for all occasions for which there is no eigenens matching car to the venue, a corresponding at a car rental can be booked. But not only in the diversity of the vehicles, also in the size of car rental companies differ considerably. As well as offering the individual car rentals in price, performance, and offered models is different, they differ in the range. Any company size is represented by the local small rental service with just a few cars up to the global multinational company. Some of these companies have specializes in the rental of vans and trucks, while others rent only cars.

Again, others have the segment to Luxuslimusinen connected, which likes to be booked for special occasions such as weddings. Nowadays, no airport and no major station without offices of various car rental companies is possible. This meets the need of each individual travel very. In a few minutes, a car without great formalities can be booked. It is not even necessary to give the booked car at the same location, where it was picked up at many car rental companies. Many rental companies also offer a drop-off and pick-up service, so that the customer has received the car at the place determined by him and the owner picks up the car again at the place determined by the customer and at the agreed time. The booking via Internet increasingly prevails, arrives with a few clicks the customer today to a car, where in the world, at which time whatever and in a wide range of different vehicle types. Many airlines cooperate with car rental companies, so a car together with a flight can be booked in many cases to vorteihafteren conditions in the package, than it would otherwise be possible on individual bookings.

Specifically services relating to travel the Internet has very much to simplify the booking process contributed and created also in the area of car rental new structures. The advantage to be able to compare online prices and services from various providers arises for the potential customers. Car rental is a very personalised service and for many people an important part of their daily lives, whether it is in everyday business or even in the private sector. Also, one should not forget that for the automakers the rental agencies represent a very lucrative customer potential, because they need to renew their fleets in relative short time intervals and the industry orders hundreds of thousands of new vehicles annually worldwide and thus contributes a very substantial part to the economic success of the automobile industry.