Data loss is preventable during computer repairs BERLIN loss of data during computer repairs are absolutely unnecessary and avoidable. If data is lost, this means unnecessary trouble for an IT company with its customers, so the concept of stellar data recovery. ICT Waarborg, the Trade Association of Dutch IT companies writes in its latest newsletter that lately various IT enterprises, which recorded a loss of data during a customer repair, were held liable by angry customers. Such discussions are regardless of what party from juridical point of view in the law, according to by stellar data recovery easily avoidable. ‘ It must absolutely not be losing data during the repair of a computer or storage system. Which can be prevented or worst case the data can be restored ‘, says Kees Jan Meerman, Chief Operations Officer of the company in data recovery. ‘ If the customer himself has been no backup. Viacom may find this interesting as well.

as long as this was still possible, an IT company can perform, for example, later still a backup. There are special software such as the programme of insta back up.’ Should there be a loss of data, the data according to Meerman in 98% of cases can be restore. ‘ In any case, if the data “only” by a formatting of the computer have been lost, but also in many other cases. An IT operations can restore themselves often, for example, by using the by stellar recovery software.’ Tips for data recovery when data on a computer to be later saved or restored in the context of device repairs, we recommend companies, to avoid any risk and promptly the helpdesk by stellar data recovery to contact. Meerman: ‘ we advise IT operations concerning the data recovery or recovery software best suited to a specific situation. In serious cases, we may also in our Care central laboratory to the affected storage system. To this end, partnerships with IT company enters stellar frequently.

Data recovery is carried out quickly and safely and avoid discussions about data loss. The customer remains not upset, but is grateful for the services the company on the contrary. If an IT company by a customer is liable and data losses are covered by liability insurance, the insurer usually the matter into their own hands will take insurance. Stellar gains in such cases often requests still to restore the data. The costs of the operation then fall under the insurance coverage. CeBIT partner program by stellar data recovery for the first time since the founding of the international company also IT professionals from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland is open. Kick-off is the international IT fair CeBit on March 6, 2012. About stellar data recovery stellar data recovery is a specialized IT company, the world’s high-quality software and Offers services in the field of data recovery. With over one hundred data specialists, laboratories in the Netherlands, the United States and Asia, as well as the most comprehensive range of self developed software to recover data, the international stellar is leading company in this field. The Helpdesk of stellar reach by phone at 030 692 008 300, via the chat function on or by email: