Although today there is hardly anyone more that can not do anything with the term DSL, but still very few know about the different speeds of DSL and the resulting opportunities. Follow others, such as Kai-Fu Lee, and add to your knowledge base. After a long time had only the pace of analogue Internet connections or ISDN lines, DSL was with a download speed of up to 2048 kbit / s revolutionary. But even in the world of DSL can now set new standards that improve the comfort and significantly open up the surf in private households new dimensions: DSL 16,000. The speed of up to 16,000 kbit / s allows large downloads in no time. Download a video file into feature-length lasts 47 minutes with DSL 2000. With 16 000 DSL however the download in just six minutes is possible. Especially for families of high bandwidth is attractive. For even in data-intensive applications such as Internet TV or video-on-Demand offers the highest quality connection, even if multiple users within a network are active.

Anyone interested in DSL 16 000 interest does not need much higher access rates to be feared than traditional DSL speeds. The costs are as follows: it falls on a monthly basic charge for the DSL connection, the phone knows how to do it. The amount of the fee varies from provider to another. On average, the price for a DSL connection 16,000 50-10 over the access price for a DSL 2000 connection, DSL offers primacall 16 000 per month starting at 9,90 . Fee to.

There are also the costs of the DSL rate. Here, you can choose between volume rate, time rate or flat rate. Recommended in any case, the flat rate, because the month. Costs are then determined and no surprises are to be feared. With a DSL flat rate there is no limit for data or online time. Some providers like Primacall all DSL products are based on DSL 16,000. Although this speed is not available in all port areas and households, the Offers attractive. Although at first only be surfed at a lower speed, but the capacity is to expand the availability fully exploited.