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Middle Ages

In addition to developments skill or, more accurately, together with him, a sure path to excellence led through fasting, prayer, silence: from Josephus, who scribbled 'Antiquities of the Jews', to Andrei Rublev, when he painted Vladimir Assumption Cathedral. Conscious of itself works in general, and in architecture in particular, perhaps as a meaningful form of activity only in the triumph of the ground, purely secular over the divine. The exception is when creating an image of the divine, the creative person responsible action on the tragic cry of the unknown author of 'Book of Job': 'Oh, if I could compete with God, the Son of Man with my brother her! " Realizing that the objective process of creating a new place at all times, we can focus search of creativity in architecture at the transition, which at one time and divides, and connects the Middle Ages and Renaissance. This, however, only partly the complexity of the discovery, by the vagueness of the question of the nature of the new. You know what difficulties lie in wait for the researchers of science and technology, trying to date the opening and invention, as almost always find that someone and somewhere to have been the first before. In art, and it is, but many more subtle incidents. For example, the treatises of Leonardo da Vinci only in the xix century. become the property of culture, but some of them content during the life of the master became known circle of trusted companions, gave rise to attempts to imitate, intensify the work of imagination, such as growing into a modern Leonardo professional universalism.

For architecture, we can easily detect the situation of repeated 'discovery'. So, Tange, Kurokawa and others 'metabolists' rise in 50 years, the concept of growing or 'open' forms in architecture. But even James Brunel enough British architect, in 1915 drafted a collapsible hospital, where an autonomous halls and chambers of operating were connected to the sections of the corridor, built up 'indefinitely'. This does not only a conceptual framework. Hospital unassembled was transported by sea and erected on the infamous Galipoliyskom beachhead the British expeditionary corps. This fact was published in Illustrated Weekly, but he did not become the property profession and was forgotten. Except for the horizontal strip glazing, four of the 'five principles' of Le Corbusier were perfectly known to him.

Free, transparent the first floor, resting on the columns – is a sign of many palaces in the Roman-gothic tradition, but also a number of projects Bull. Curtain wall, attached to the frame of the columns – is a series of buildings 60 and 80 of the xix century. in Chicago, Buffalo and other American cities. 'Free plan' interior in the frame construction – but enough to call Pedrera, Antoni Gaudi completed in 1910 in Barcelona. Finally, 'operated roof' flat terrace on the roof – it has possessed the ancient Babylonians, it was brilliantly played another in the xvii century. in the French chateau of Chambord – and again, Gaudi, starting with homes in Belesguarde, whose construction was begun in 1900, gave the old Admission of new, unprecedented shine.


Also, electric remote control has the function of activation, by lowering the canvas at obstruction, and preventing its further downward movement. This also uses a reliable protection from interception control gate technology with a floating source, providing more than 10 billion combinations. Sectional Gates combine several advantages: they are functional, durable, easy to use, as well as possess good thermal insulation. Another important advantage is the fact that they are economical in terms of space due to vertical lift. Sectional doors are used in industrial areas – the device driveway area, and the private sector – for garages. The principle of sectional doors is based on operation of a spring mechanism that ensures a smooth and fairly rapid rise sections, even if the automatic mechanism is disabled.

The mechanism of current models of sectional door is designed for 25 – 30 lifts in day, indicating that a sufficiently large operational period. Employed in enterprises automatic gates designed for heavy loads and are ready for hundreds of openings in one day. In size, they can be in 2,5 times more residential automatic gates. Modern sectional doors are made of high-tech equipment using quality materials, which provides the gate a number of advantages: for the production Sectional automatic gate profiles are 45 mm thick, ensuring a high heat and sound insulation properties of the gate. Some models are equipped with a sectional door finger protection, gates have optimal stiffness. Headroom panel sectional door has a special shape that provides resistance to various strains, the gate has a unique fastening system: front and inner steel sheets are fastened to the castle at the top and bottom panels; sectional doors are equipped with a traction rope – it is located inside the structure between the support desk and the door leaf.

Cable eliminates the possibility of a hook; sectional automatic doors have locking devices of the shaft when the spring break. These systems require fixing of gates in the same position at the time of termination. Sectional doors can be made out of various furniture and domestic foreign producers: FlexiForce, TorqueForce, Hermann, Doorhan (Russia), etc. Additional elements improves the decorative features of automatic gates, and simplify their installation. Summarizing, we can say that the undeniable advantages of sectional Gate – tightness, thermal protection, aesthetic design, ease of use – brought him considerable popularity in various fields.