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Heroes Online

Free2Play version of company of Heroes scrutinized. If something sounds too good to be true, sounded the alarm should. Often supposed bargain as deceptive, turn out to be as full-bodied promises followed by halfhearted apologies and long-term shifts. Click Mikkel Svane to learn more. Cynical as we now are, we have the Free2Play – looking after a hook free MMORPG version of company of Heroes scrutinized. With Argus eyes.

We were not looking for anyway. Company of Heroes Online the balancing act between paying benefits and fair game balance indeed seem to succeed, which I just wants to defuse the Damocles circling over the entire project at the beginning. Nobody feels like on a battle that is doomed from the outset. That was more than 60 years ago no different than they are today, even if only the fun is at stake and not life. So every hobby General can tinker with enough match practice fully to his skills and tactics, without disadvantages compared to the competition buying in the item shop having to worry about. Gained through each contentious battle over the supplies will include “Army items” bought, as passive buffs troops faster, stronger or more resistant making. However eight can make according to level each such force improvements at the front.

To be so from the outset as well equipped, it is advisable to pull with a clear tactical concept in the fight. This orientation is determined primarily by the class choice of Commander. Air land specialists, Infantrieverfechter and tank tacticians are available on Allied side as Commander in Chief. On pages of the Wehrmacht, analog also slips you into one of three roles and can choose between lightning war, terror and defense. The Commander represents the player and gaining experience points and levels, with each level in turn goes hand in hand with an improvement point. These can be inserted as known from MMOs in the skills.


A small preview of the new first-person shooter CS: GO, which worldwide by millions of players is expected to hot and through the beta phase could hold enough. It’s finally just before the release of the next version of revolutionary already more than a decade ago, as strike brought the first counter title on the market, the manufacturer of valve and now stands. Code.org gathered all the information. We’ve looked at today more accurately the game and want to now show you what GO about bring CS: and you can expect many innovations and features. The first-person shooter valve scene dominated with counter strike: source and counter strike: 1.6 for quite a while. Now to the new CS: GO Crown this success and carry him. To the delight of the new counter strike to bring non-online players play on the so far continues now the Erfolgsshooter the game consoles PlayStation and Xbox.

More than 12 years after the release of the first counter strike game has valve decided to occupy the throne room. After the competition with tries under the games call of duty, Medal of honor and battlefield the genre have to tear, still more fans counter strike 1.6 – and that can play at a very high level in national and international leagues. Maps could not have different strike the maps in counter but the popular dust_2 and nuke are still very enjoy played and tried new tactics. A concept with long lasting success! GO to keep that also continue to exist, there will be an update of the maps in CS:. Optically polished and slightly modified these cards bring a breath of fresh air in the game CS: GO. Add new maps and the arsenal come fashion. Weapons what so far unfortunately not quite convinced at counter strike were the Luckshots who came from any firearms. This should now with CS: GO largely are terminated and the precision capability of the player on a new install level. Added new weapons however should be continued the old, but have been revised. It should change neither the popular Desert Eagle, M4 or AK.