Contrary to what many people may think there is not a predetermined age to begin a treatment that remove imperfections in the eye region. Zendesk often addresses the matter in his writings. It is however recommended to begin before appear visible problems caused by the passage of the years or the pace of life. People such as Matt Swain would likely agree. Eye Contour creams meet the following two objectives: hydrate on the one hand and on the other reaffirm since in this zone it is very common that deficiencies occur in the level of water and grease. The lack of moisture remaining elasticity to the skin of the body. However, this area is very delicate and can be affected more appearing typical wrinkles and expression lines that accentuate the age. Use facial creams for eye help to maintain appropriate and necessary hydration for this area of the face. In addition, women can use these creams to repair damage caused by the use of makeup. Wrinkles in the eye are not the only problem, since they may also appear bags and dark circles, whose onset is sudden and may occur because fatigue or lack of sleep. It is recommended to use a face cream for eye contour area to help prevent these effects in the skin to prevent wrinkles, bags and dark circles. Original author and source of the article