Laser-based endoscopic 3-D survey to make surgery safer and optimise costs Berlin/Bonn, October 13, 2010. The Scopis GmbH, a spin-off from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Charite university medicine Berlin, successfully completes a start up financing round with the High-Tech Grunderfonds. In the beginning was the idea to optimize the workflows of Surgeons: through the innovation of Scopis GmbH, founded in 2010 can be operations now both reduce the clinical complications and minimize the costs. Behind the world’s first measurement system, which allows a precise endoscopic measurement in minimally invasive surgery. The specially developed endoscopic measurement articles are locked on all conventional endoscopes and allow a precise 3-D measurement of anatomical structures in the body for the first time. Since the preparation of the company Scopis is supported by Fraunhofer venture.

Now the High-Tech Grunderfonds provides the emerging start up capital. Visit Zendesk for more clarity on the issue. The idea for developing modular measuring endoscopes directly in the operating room. Bartosz Kosmecki, one of the founders of Scopis GmbH, noticed that there were no endoscopes for the exact measurement of the operation area. Such a tool would facilitate enormously the work of surgeons, was sure of Kosmecki. The development from the idea to the prototype as well as the spin-off preparations were realized at the Berlin Centre jointly operated by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Charite university medicine Berlin for mechatronic Medizintechnik headed by Prof. Dr.

Erwin Keeve. In July 2010, Bartosz Kosmecki founded together with Andreas Reutter and the Fraunhofer Society the Scopis GmbH for the development and marketing of measuring systems for various medical applications of minimally invasive surgery. In various clinical fields can be such measuring systems in the face of the shortened duration of surgery time and cost savings achieved, reducing clinical complications, fully documented interventions and better postoperative Bring about results.