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Guiza Saves The Getafe

The appearance Dani Guiza, author of both goals in his team’s saving, saved to Getafe its umpteenth stumbling and losing to Osasuna, which aired live from the Coliseum Alfonso Perez thank you the luck and the correctness of the exrojiblanco Ibrahima, scoring twice for the navarros. The match did not begin well for Getafe, who lost at the last moment to his more flashy move for this season. The previous night, Pedro Leon had a mishap in a knee and had to watch the game from the stands.You are not having luck Luis Garcia, that since T-shirt Barcelona began the course never ceases to make visits to the infirmary to see how are your best players. Diego Castro, Abdel barred, Miguel Angel Moya or the same Pedro Leon, who in previous phases of the season has been one of the victims have passed through it. All this will has lamented the technician of the Madrid Assembly, that on the eve of the mourning was relieved by the end of the plague of injuries. He did not know the surprise that awaited him one day later, when ran out of its holder dexterous end.With those bad feelings you had to jump into the field Getafe, who for the first time was much more hardened than his rival. Osasuna lived of the force, the pitch and intensity.

And luck. The took striker Ibrahim Balde, who took an untimely slip of Moya to score the first goal of the duel with a tame header, without any apparent danger, in the seven minute. It was another stroke of bad luck for Getafe, the second of the night after it was revealed the absence of Pedro Leon. And the umpteenth season. They are many misfortunes that has already suffered the whole of the South of the community of Madrid. Between them, absurd goals as the Ibra or targets in discounts from other parties that have prevented the men of Luis Garcia sumasen more points.However, the squadron bluette took his misery and got exhausted Osasuna with Abdel barred overlooking the street. The youth Squad of Getafe points very good ways and is becoming gradually the benchmark team. Since then, is that more and better of ideas is on the field.

But the lack of local aim avoided the tie before the break. Up to six shots touched the goal without seeing goal. Between Miku, Pedro Rios and Diego Castro, were distributed all occasions that ended up in limbo.This lack of success not had Dani Guiza, who went on the field started part football shirts to try to rescue his team. And it did not disappoint. The first that took, got it inside. The Jerez regained his sense of smell and premiered on his return to Getafe. And already pass, he arranged a mess which returned moments later with another goal from Ibrahima. Osasuna, doing nothing, was again ahead of the marker. Maybe, ni los navarros believed it was. Two head butts, two goals. One hundred percent successful. Opposite, the Getafe seemed a Barcelona shirt fair shotgun. And it almost paid. Luckily, Guiza returned to give the target. He made the tie with a good header, but he had the bad luck of not being the protagonist of the auctions in the latest moves. Their companions returned to err and they themselves prevented the comeback. In this article are no longer supported a new comments


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