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Regulation Technician

If the substance (or frmaco) was isolated of a plant, the medicine is a fitomedicamento. In the case not to have the phase of vegetal constituent isolation, but parts of the vegetable, the product is a fitoterpico medicine. The too much alopticos medicines are gotten of chemical synthesis (that they involve diverse reactions, mainly, organic) and of other natural sources. Samsung helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In the organism, the medicines pass for the pharmaceutical phase, characterized for ' ' dissoluo' ' release of the frmaco, for the phase farmacocintica, that involves the absorption, distribution, biotransformao and excreo, and for the farmacodinmica phase, in which the substance interacts with its receiver, developing the mechanism of farmacolgica action. Chemistry presents importance, mainly, in the biotransformao of the frmacos, where reactions of oxidation, reduction and hydrolysis occur, beyond conjugao with polar groups, that ' ' facilitam' ' the excreo. The Brazilian sanitary legislation has directed many norms and laws for ' ' frmacos' ' not only for the medicines contain that them.

Chemical names and until terms that indicate a chemical structure have been used, as, for example, in Portaria n. 344, of 12 of May of 1998, which approved the Regulation Technician on substances and medicines citizens the special control (this presents, also, aluso to ' ' ismeros' ' of substances). The fact earned great dimension with the Law n 9,787/99, which established the creation of the generic medicine and the use of generic names (that they possess relation with the chemical names) in pharmaceutical products. A study detailed on the participation of Chemistry in the Pharmacy he is long and it involves some subjects, since the history of the civilizations until the advance of the scientific research. With the information presented here, we have one ' ' guia' ' that it directs for the main points related with a so rich and complex study.

Bulliardia Light

The conditions excellent for the maize production are high luminosity, amenas temperatures diurnas around 25-30C, nocturnal temperatures (inferior 24C and superiors 18C) and good water availability (CATI, 1999). Radcula is the first a if to prolongate, followed for coloptilo, with plmula enclosed. Stadium VE (germination and emergency) is reached by the fast elongao of mesoctilo, which pushes colepilo in growth for the surface of the ground. In conditions of adjusted temperature and the humidity, the plant inside emerges of 4 the 5 days; however in conditions low-temp and little humidity the germination can delay more up to two weeks or. Robert Bakish helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. As soon as the emergency occurs and the plant displays the extremity of coloptilo, mesoctilo stops to grow.

In synthesis, in the germination the embebio of the seed occurs, with the consequent digestion of reserve substances, the enzyme synthesis and cellular division (RESENDE, 2003). The photosyntheses is not the only process for which the light is essential. During the cycle of vegetal life, some answers, that confer enormous advantages in the establishment and the survival of the plant, such as germination of seeds, inhibition of the allonge to caulinar, synthesis of clorofila and antocianinas, foliar expansion, budding and tuberizao, are involved directly with the duration and the quality of the light. Additional information is available at Mikkel Svane. The process for which the light regulates the development of the plants is called fotomorfognese. The limitation of light in the interior of a vegetal community it can cause reduction of the growth and the reproduction. The pressures of election imposed by the necessity of the plants of if adaptarem successfully to the ambient light had lead to the evolution of mechanisms of fotopercepo remarkably sophisticated. Therefore, the light is an ambient signal that to the perceived being, unchains changes in the metabolism and the development of the plants (KERBAUY, 2004). The first menso of that the light exerts effect in the germination of seeds was made by Caspary, in 1860, working with plants of the Bulliardia sort (VIDAVER, 1977).

Computer Technologies

But what it interests here they are softwares educational as Cotta of the o its concept calls softwares educative those programs that allow to fulfill or to support educative functions, that is, the applications that apiam the education process directly/learning. Thus softwares educative is a valuable instrument of support to the educators of general form, being able becomes education much more easy, agile learning and is a way that calls the attention the children and young that they live in constant contact with the technological medias. In accordance with Cotta the inserted educational environment inside of the NTIC and inside of the construtivista conception, a software, to be educative, must be an interactive environment that it provides to the apprentice to investigate, to raise hypotheses, to test them and to refine its initial ideas. Of this form, the apprentice will be constructing its proper knowledge. According to Brave, 1993; Fields, 1994; Galvis, 1992; Niquini, 1996: the classification of softwares educative, is followed by means of its educative functions that assume.

Namely, ' ' exercise and prtica' ' , ' ' tutorial' ' , ' ' simulation and modelagem' ' , ' ' programao' ' , ' ' jogos' ' , ' ' softwares-aplicativos' ' (publisher of texts, publisher/graphical program, electronic spread sheet, data base, hipertexo, telecommunications) e, more recently, ' ' mulitmdia/hipermdia' ' , authorship. Some type of softwares exists educational that it can be used in the scope educational such as: the practical exercise and, where according to Fields, 1990, proportionate the computational activity for a software of the type ' ' exercise and prtica' ' it reviews a content that already was presented the pupil. Its main objective is the acquisition, the development and the application of a specific knowledge. Now it is the criterion of the pupil to choose what more it pleases to it, being able to perceive its level of learning by means of its rightnesss and the errors, moreover, also it can come back and review the contents more than a when necessary time.