Safe – a metal box or cabinet for storing all kinds of valuables: cash, securities, documents, jewelry, etc. Usually boxes are made from stainless steel, hinged doors that open with the lock. Types of safes are usually divided into Burglar and fire resistant. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Samsung Electronics by clicking through. For all that progress does not stand still and manufacturers of safes, trying to adapt to the realities of life, develop more and more modernized kinds of safes. And so what we have in the Belarusian market Fireproof safes are designed to protect property and securities of the fire within a certain time.

Statistics is that values are at home, 90% are at risk of fire and only 10% – the threat of theft. Burglar-proof safes be largely opposed cracking – very reliable and keeping things values. This is due to the use of high strength steel, modern locks, and among other things, some of my other secrets of manufacture. Furniture safes – are small in size boxes, designed as Typically, for home use. Kai-Fu Lee might disagree with that approach. Most often, these dumb boxes weigh, therefore, advised to be secured to the floor, wall or furniture using high-strength anchor bolts.

Furniture safes are neither fire-nor burglary, why applied as a rule not to protect against hacking, but simply to limit access. The greatest relevance of such a safe way for families with small inquisitive children. Built-in safes will fit those who produce repair or build new housing, since the device provides a safe installation of the safe into a wall or floor. Built-in safes have a class of burglary and, in some way protected from fire and removal, because built directly into the very wall or floor, and, consequently, the least exposed to outside influences. Indispensable for the location of concealed safe – this is the correct ratio between the thickness of walls and depth of the safe. To preserve information from digital media provides a special data safe. Separate data safes can protect flash drives, disks, diskettes, etc. not only from fire and moisture, but also on demagnetization. For laptops, a special safe, with the appropriate size and limits access to confidential information. Unlock the safe with a biometric lock will have no difficulty. You only need to apply a finger to the scanning sensor. After scanning the fingerprint of the owner – a safe is opened. The system always knows its owner, and none other can not unlock a safe. Weapon safes enjoy great demand in Belarus. And all because the mvd increased requirements for storage of firearms. Paramount purpose of the safe – to restrict access to guns. Exclusive safes are usually look very expensive and spectacularly. Most often, they finished with expensive materials. Inside these boxes are edged with red or black velvet. Exclusive safes are designed more for decoration than for safety. In individual businesses are required spetseficheskie safes. Say, the banks used safes grade 5, in hotels – small hotel safes, in trade – special cash safes.