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Abilities Techniques

But the knowledge technician will not only be enough, also has what we call ‘ ‘ Comportamentais’ abilities; ‘ that it is related with ‘ ‘ To want Fazer’ ‘. This is the intrinsic competitive differential of the professional and has direct impact in the result of the team and directly is related with ‘ ‘ Atitudes’ ‘ of this collaborator in the correct application of the Abilities Techniques. Then, it does not force the nature of the people. Although the personality to acquire some malleability with passing of the years, the structure (the base) continues being same during all the life and as ‘ would say the philosopher; ‘ Lagartixa does not grow and turns one jacar’ ‘. According to Nicolas Keller, who has experience with these questions. It is not good business to charge and to insist on things improbable or to change behaviors (to want to make) in the rude force.

It identifies the strong and weak points of each member of its team individually and is programmed for mapeie where it is the biggest challenge there and yes, it invests in the development through ‘ ‘ As fazer’ ‘ , giving examples and following each one in accordance with its characteristics and in this case as its deficiencies. It gives time to the time! Copper of each one, small advances every day, either there how much it will be, but always advances! Either objective and direct in its feedbacks It registers the advances and if still thus, a voice of the deep one to insist there so that you provide the substitution of some collaborator, is certain that you are applying the standard of correct development, that a new collaborator is only a new possibility of success and finally that people vary its behavior throughout the career. It trusts its abilities of Leader. If to want to evaluate as they are its abilities as Leader, gratuitously makes our test in the address in link ‘ ‘ Essential abilities of the Leader 2.0’ ‘. It is not necessary to register in cadastre itself. We will send the result for the email that you indicating in them. A great one I hug! Eduardo Varela is consulting in Management of People and specialist in training and consultoria for companies of relationship with the customer. He is postgraduate in Enterprise Management for the FGV, Certification Six Sigma for the SGV, graduated Strategical Planning, for the Ibmec, beyond participation as palestrante in courses in company and workshops on management of teams of high performance and are founding of the Factor9 (www.

Norms Techniques

ISO 9001 had its finishes revision in 2008, which published solutions for practised incorrect actions in the previous years. Between these, it is the requisite satisfaction of the customers. For if dealing with normative questions, the organizations had left for the satisfaction research, from a structure that projected the image of the justinian codes of opinion research. The solution was to the elaboration of questionnaires that never are answered by the customers. Ahead of this, the conclusion did not arrive the place some, since the customers did not leave evident what they would like. From now on the requirement of monitoramento of the perception of the customer started to be of diverse forms. The norm displayed alternatives already recommended, however, the companies still resisted, since, the opinion of the customer was the paradigm of the requirement.

It appears then, a good notice, customers to take care of them to the requisite acquisition, they would have that to keep anticipated information on the performance of its suppliers and, to leave of this the organization would be inclusa in the apt list and to receive information. However, the research was ackward despite they were good. With everything she is necessary to correctly understand and to manage the forms of perception between customer and supplier. For this reason it is very important that the communication channels are accessible and available. The monitoramento of these information will bring adequate answers to the customer and, in turn it can be evidenced for a critical analysis e, attainment of necessary resources for such ends. The management of these information must be efficient and to arrive the action that guarantees the satisfaction of the customer. The objective of this norm is to establish a form to deal with information available in the organizations, however used incorrectly.

Soon, the important one is that if it uses what is had available. Becoming the satisfaction of the customer a pointer and not plus a measure of the performance of the System of Management of the Quality. It means that the satisfaction of the customer it necessarily does not need to be measured, however, must have ways that guide as it is its satisfaction. The organizations exist because of its customers. for this reason, must search to always take care of to its necessities, looking for to surpass its expectations. Bibliographical references: ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2000. System of Management of the Quality? Requirements. Brazilian association of Norms Techniques? ABNT, Rio De Janeiro, 2000. ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2008. System of Management of the Quality? Requirements. Brazilian association of Norms Techniques? ABNT, Rio De Janeiro, 2008.

ICC Suppliment

However, as the companies of civil construction had not attempted against for this reality, directly exist one total lack of knowledge of the processes for a correct management of the suppliment chain, impactando in cost, stated period, quality and risk. The modern boardings of management, particularly of ‘ ‘ production enxuta’ ‘ , they have introduced concepts to the suppliment management. ‘ ‘ production enxuta’ ‘ it considers that the activities of production are constituted of flows of operations (machines and people) and flows of processes (material information). Using this approach, the improvements in suppliments would have first to approach the process and, after only depleted the possibilities of improvement in the same, they would be about improvement in the operations. Samsung describes an additional similar source. Also, inside of this philosophy, the activities of processing only add value.

Thus, it is praised elimination, or at least the reduction of the activities of wait, it has controlled/inspection and present transport in the function suppliments, as KINGS et al (2005, apud SHINGO, 1996). As Vieira (2006), suppliment chain is summarized in with priority goal in ICC on the basis of the objective ones propitiated by a continuous and integrated planning of the diverse logistic activities of the system, as: the simplification of the process of management gotten through the multicriteria planning of the productive environment, with the reduction of the human resources for the coordination and the rigorous flow control of materials and man power, aiming at to the reduction of supplies come back toward a well planned programming in top of multicriteria forecasts and perfectly adjusted (characteristic just-in-teams) with more spaces for production and little interferences. With strategy of formation of link with suppliers compromised by means of partnerships and thus reducing the time of attendance (lead teams) and the application at the accurate moment of the suppliment. Haga and Sacomano (1999, apud CHRISTOPHER, 1997) define the suppliment chain .

Industrial Revolution

With the initiated Industrial Revolution in century XVIII, the plants congregated in one same space, people, machines and new means of production, propitiating an increase of the specialization them tasks and division it work and, of this form, contributing for the removal them people it content of its proper activities. In the present time we live a moment of transformations, where the worker is inserted in the age of the knowledge, and this, each day comes more being valued, therefore, the market of today demands of each person the ability to deal with a more complex and dynamic world. In accordance with Santos and Fialho apud Merino (2000. p.13), ‘ ‘ the work is a form of proper activity of the man, while to be social’ ‘. Therefore, the word work assumes the trend for an objective and effort being able to be intellectual physicist or. The human work appears as a firmed effort and desired for the accomplishment of objectives, workmanships, results, etc.

In synthesis, we can conclude that the work is the job of the forces and the intellect to reach a result and has soul linking with the attainment of a return, being able to be material or financial; face its importance, inside possesss a great value of the society. 2.2. Concept of Quality of Life the quality of life implies in the interrelation of some factors that mold and differentiate the day the day of the human being and result in a net of phenomenon, people and situations. Many factors of biological, psychological and partner-cultural nature, such as: physical health, mental health, familiar longevity, satisfaction in the work, relations, disposal, productivity, dignity and, even though, espiritualidade are associates to the term quality of life.

The Technology

One another aspect important to detach is that new chances of study had been servants, mainly from the decade of 1990; scholarships and financings had facilitated the access to the university. The not motivated young population for the frustration of its parents with agriculture, started to look a new profession, thus leaving its locality in order to study and if to specialize in definitive chosen area. This time that the young leaves its house to study, instead of being temporary, generally becomes permanent, therefore it starts to establish new bonds in other places. Moreover, the leisure options, the new friendships, namoro, the search for one better job make with that this does not come back to its city, still more when evidence that its place of origin does not present expectations of growth and development. Of this form, the locality starts to serve only for familiar visits and vacation of work, becoming the scene emptiest with this ' ' gone without volta' ' of the student.

Who remains is some families who still have certain income and pensioners. We notice in to this influences it aspect that the globalization exerts in all the places for minors who are, the search for one better condition of life and the chance of access to the technology and all its benefits start to be essential, no matter how hard it is in all place, its bigger diffusion are in the cities where the population has greater concentration, it is plus aspect that becomes agricultural the disfavored one, although the cellular Internet and to be connected the houses of the community, it cannot offer more than what this, since they do not possess population nor production sufficient, for attracting its old inhabitants in return. The closing of the rank of health (figura9) and of school (development symbols), certifies the retrocession of the quarter, a time that the conquests had been lost.