Protecting Against Computer Viruses

Household, desktop computers and laptops can easily entered into modern life. This is not to be a specialist in the field of computer technology, to acquire the store a laptop or home pc. Modern computers used as office, multimedia, gaming and other means, but how could we not use them, the threat of the virus on our "favorite" is always there. Many will say: I stands antivirus, he sees everything. Perhaps this so, but it all until a certain time, because no anti-virus will not protect you from your actions as a result of which, the virus can get on your computer.

I will try to tell you what measures need to be taken to protect against computer viruses. Do not rely on antivirus or "maybe blow over"! Often, viruses enter a computer with flash drives, disks, and from the Internet. As well protect yourself from viruses? Use the following tips: 1. Set yourself a file manager Total Commander, it will be so helpful. 2. Download Dr.Web CureIt and the ability to download it regularly (at least once a week) 3. Going on a stranger you a link to the Internet, pay attention to pop-ups, and Be ready in case of unwanted pop-ups just close a tab, to prevent the virus to get you up on your computer. 4.

Never click on the Internet then you do not know, do not download drivers or software on unfamiliar websites! 5. After visiting the Internet, not too lazy to clean up the history of visited sites and other files that remain after your visit to the web. This can be done using standard web browser or However, some programs, of which a little later and in more detail. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ali Partovi. Here are basic tips that will allow you to protect your computer from viruses.