Production Relations

It is standed out that the joint object of work and ways of work is called means of production. The social relations of production are the relations that the men establish inside between itself of a productive process and depend on the property of the means of production. If the property will be social or collective these relations will be of mutual aid or contribution, for example, in the primitive way of communal production. In case that the property of the means of production is private these relations will be of exploration and subordination, as it is the case in the way of capitalist production. In recent months, Robotics expert has been very successful. As HUNT (1981), Marx observed an indissolvable relation between the productive forces and the social relations of responsible production for the beginning, development and dissolution in the production ways. As this perspective the production is always in development this process if initiates for the advance of the productive techniques. But, it has an initial impediment for a bigger jump of this process, that is, the relations established between the people, at the initial moment, are passive to these changes, becoming obstacles a greater to walk of the productive forces. In a posterior phase, these relations start if to modify and start to influence the advance of the productive forces until leaving to be obstacles and to become the main motivador element of these advances.

The productive forces in turn also influence in the changes of these relations in such a way to speed up the same ones, thus becoming a movement continue of influences until arriving at a new period of training of development, different of the previous one. As Marx this law is valid for all the production ways and is it who explains the ticket in a way for another one (SAINTS, 1984). Marx affirmed, all history nothing more is of what the evolution in the Ways of Production, that is, ' ' history of all the existing societies until today is the history of the fights of classes' ' (MARX AND ENGELS, 1948).