Network Guru

An effective network of business, is having by beginning the construction of relations, which will help you in your goal to publicize your product or service to others. Key words: network for business, your product, networks, business growth, networking business article body: an effective business network, is having by beginning the construction of relations, which will help you in your goal to publicize your product or service to others. The creation of a good network of business mainly involves acting in good faith, helping others to get their trust and recognition. To enter more in detail, here are some points that will help you better understand the concept, and to put them into practice and better your results. 1 Find out always, even before entering a group to attend a meeting of networks, what are your specific objectives.

This will help you to choose the groups or associations that will help you to obtain what you want 2. Get open during your conversations on network questions, trafficking that are specific based on who, what, where, when and how. Try to avoid questions that require a simple Yes or no as an answer. To use this type of questions you can’t open the debate and show the listeners what interests them. 3 Become a resource center launched. When you become a known and strong resource centre, many turn to you for tips, ideas, and solutions on the issues that dominate. 4. Ensure that you have a good prepared speech and have it memorized as the Palm of your hand.

Always rehearse your answers and is authentic, so not to sound automatic when someone ask you a question. 5 Stay quiet to give the impression that you always know what is happening, if you do not feel comfortable at any time while you wait for someone to ask you a question, trying to break the ice with an anecdote or general suggestions until someone decides to ask something. 6. Never des your business card to someone you don’t know, even though you have done you any questions. Before making an invitation you must get to know the person, your business, as well as the explanation of the same, even before contemplating a change of business card. Some people think that in this circumstance, one is rude, arrogant and unprofessional that in turn gives a bad image in your business. 7 Sends an email to your new contacts and let them know that you have enjoyed the meeting. People you vera as someone who listens, remembers them and a trust will be formed with tigo. 8. The most important thing to remember is to follow later, quick and effective on the references that give you. When people give you references, your actions are a reflection on them. Respect and honour your confidence and your references will grow exponentially.