Maturation Processes

The butcher’s bricklayer from Nuremberg informs the maturation process is a fundamental building block in the manufacture of high-quality meat products. Butcher Maurer & Delicatessen Mason informed about the basics of this important quality characteristic. With meat maturing they are referred to, occurring, biochemical processes during a controlled storage in raw meat, by the meat of battle of is tasty and edible. The death of an animal not brings the natural metabolic processes in his muscle tissue to a standstill. (As opposed to Mikkel Svane). Depending on the species, this can take a period of up to one day to complete, while the regular metabolism without oxygen will continue to run. Without functional blood circulation, its finished products are no longer being mined and deposited in increasing concentration in muscle tissue.

Due to a continuous increase in the concentration of lactic acid, the pH-value in the meat falls so far that germs are killed and the rigor mortis occurs on more chemical interactions. You finished the first Maturation phase, after which the meat is still extremely tough and inedible. The biochemical processes of the second phase of maturation are initiated in connection with the increasing concentration of lactic acid. The activity of enzymes and bacteria now provides free amino acids from proteins and changed the meat at the cellular level, making it swell and loosening up. During the final stages of maturation, the meat becomes tenderness, aroma and good digestibility. The necessary duration of maturation differs from species to species. Poultry and pork three days need veal takes time already a week and venison or beef demand under normal circumstances even a maturity of up to two and a half weeks. Old customs requires to store venison until it has a first taste of decay.

This maturation degree known as suspicion is contrary to the contemporary understanding of hygiene and is prohibited for meat destined for resale. The sensitive nature of the meat maturation is the exact regulatory compliance Storage temperature, hygienic conditions and resulting maturity of ahead of the flesh. It ensures that meat is aged and not unpalatable spoils. Butcher Maurer & Delicatessen Mason is always for the highest possible quality of his Frankish and Romanian specialities. The particularly strict Mason standards guarantee maintaining optimal meat quality on all levels of processing and storage. It is therefore natural to use exclusively meat based on a professionally controlled ripening process whose quality and wholesomeness the Nuremberg company.