What to do against the patient terminal? One of the rights of the sick is the do not suffer unnecessary physical pain during the process of their illness; We know that the patient terminal in addition to physical pain experienced intense psychological or moral pain, caused by the collision between the proximity of death and the hope to live, is therefore duty of the physician offer comfort and analgesia; a few years ago in England appears an a civilised understand and care for these patients is opposed to euthanasia and the Anastasia and known by the name of palliative medicine. What is palliative medicine?

It is a new specialty of medical care to the terminally ill and their environment which includes the problem of man’s death from a deeply human perspective recognizing their dignity as a person in the context of the serious physical and psychological suffering that the end of human existence generally brings with it; It is therefore a change of mentality to the terminal patient is knowing that when we can no longer be cured, yet we take care of, but you can cure, relieve; If you can not relieve at least comforts, that old aphorism condenses all the philosophy of palliative care: palliative medicine has always existed and has been traditionally exercised by the doctors its principles are printed in the Hippocratic oath and the historical conception of medical exercise, but as specialization is a novelty to face the process of death in these patients the process has been complicated and requiring the appearance of a new doctor watch for advances in technology but that is at the same time a thorough knowledge of the needs of the patient terminal. Conclusions the doctors have been trained during years of hard study and dedication to cure sick not to kill, called palliative medicine offers that option, especially to colleagues in the units of critical care, continue steadfast in our mission to save, cure, relieve and comfort, but also offers to society an alternative morality that opposes that death by mercy to this crime or homicide by compassion, under the pretext of a myriad of reasons but in the end it is simply a homicide so as before in the fight against abortion, cobra force the cry of euthanasia is killing defend life!