Compartment Syndrome

Compartment syndrome is a medical condition often derived from the completion of the work, and may also appear after traffic accidents and other events that may result in traumatic injury. It could, likewise, develop chronic form by carrying out activities that make intensive use of certain muscles, for example of sporting character. (Source: Energy Capital Partners). Occurs when the nerves and blood vessels of a certain part of the body or muscle area (usually the arms, hands, legs, buttocks or the abdomen) are subject, within an enclosed space, considerable pressure (e.g., derived from internal bleeding or inflammation). As we will see, its treatment and correction it is possible always it is detected in time. A diagnostic failure could, in this sense, have terrible, and may be considered compensable medical malpractice consequences. The symptoms of this ailment and its treatment the person who suffers from this syndrome usually present a symptomatic picture that might include:-pain, which might seem disproportionate in relation to the injury suffered (and which derived inflammation or internal bleeding). -Puncture.

-Decreased sensitivity and possible paralysis in any member. -Very characteristic appearance of the area where this is suffering, with pale, bright and smooth appearance of the skin. -Weakness in the area. Once detected, most often is requiring surgical intervention of emergency, called fasciotomia, consisting in the opening of the fabric in order to release the pressure that the affected area of the body is subjected. The real risk of compartment syndrome. Medical malpractice for failure of diagnosis with its detection and treatment early this could be resolved without any problem. However, if faults or delays in diagnosis occur, ongoing pressure to which nerves and tissues are subjected may cause irreversible damage, giving rise to permanent and, in the worst cases paralysis, determining the need for amputation of the affected limb. We are talking about very short deadlines, for several hours at least, with what a quick action is critical.

Any error by optional physician in the examination of the patient could lead to a fatal, and can then delay his performance be considered medical negligence compensable in nature. If you’d suffered an event of this nature you don’t delay you and request the Council of a lawyer specialized in negligence committed by facultative doctors. He can advise you about your chances in the event of a claim.