Buring CDs, Nero

cd / dvd recording drives. Program Nero Express and Nero Burning Rom as the primary tool for recording CDs. 1. The first thing we need a computer – something that almost everyone has. And for the record you could theoretically run out of an ancient iron with a processor with a frequency of 200 MHz and 32 mb of ram.

However, these characteristics are minimally acceptable. In any case, you need not worry: all computers made in the past few years, easily cope with the record. Also Keep in mind that to record a cd you will need more space on your hard drive. To record a cd – it is 700-900 mb depending on the type of disc (when creating the image – the layout of the intermediate disc – twice), dvd burner you need 4. 5 or 9 gb, depending on the type of disk – single or dual layer – as well as the use of the image twice. 2. Operating System (OS) – to run today's software cd burner you need at least Windows 98/ME, because the latest versions of these programs will not run on Windows 95. It is best to use a Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

3. CD-RW drive or DVD-RW – one computer is not enough, you still need a basic recording tool – self drive CD-RW (DVD-RW). DVD-RW drive is able to write anything you like – and the cd and dvd, a CD-RW – only cd. Sales occur even called a combo drive (combo) – a combo drive CD-RW/DVD, who can read and write normal CDs and DVD-drives can only read.