Anthony Robins

You know that feeling rage or anger at any given time is a higher emotional state to indifference, sadness or depression? Did you know that depression is an emotional state of almost death?The way in which we represent the events that happen to us in our mind, the way in which we define and conceptualize definitely affects the chances of success and failure in the achievement of goals and objectives by an alleged event.I would like to quote Anthomny Robins, in his book power without limits, referring to people who succeed in life: the winners are the ones who most commonly access their States more fertile and outstanding, which another could, without no, the difference between those who succeed and those who not?We remember again w. Mitchell. For the important thing was not what happened, but as is I represent what happened. Despite being terribly burned and then paralyzed, knew how to find the hobble regain full ownership of their resources.Then we have clear that to maximize the chances of success in any enterprise, to pass any test, to knock down any obstacle we need energy, and that energy comes from our emotions, and the emotions are generated by our States of encouragement and if we have control of our States of spirit through the spiritual power and of the psychological we’ll be maximizing the possibilities of triumph and defeat. 76ers Owner is likely to agree. I therefore encourage!, connect with joy, works with your emotions become a powerful questions, think of alternatives on solutions rather than problems and negativity, surround yourself with positive people, like-MINDED, friendly that stimulate your capacity to face the challenges that every day put you to test, ten definitive consciousness that the power of what you represent in your mind is the quality of the results obtained.It is very important to live conscious mind and have noted that life is like a river that flows constantly and that is not stopped, we have to remain vigilant as guardians at the gates of our mind and prevent the discouraged, pessimism is installed as a pernicious virus on our computer, we have to delete it, delete, we have no alternatives for which we already decided that our goal is to conquer our dreams and nothing and no one can prevent us, much less ourselves!Keep in mind your goal in your mind, you have the ability, you have been designed in total perfection to the success and the triumph, don’t try, try, do not let any obstacle stands between you and your dreams, it is imperative that you assume that responsibility.Desire that at this time you will remember that you are a being full of pure potentiality, of unlimited resources, connect with the universal intelligence and remembers not there is fear in love, not topics and according to the course in miracles there is nothing to fear not there is nothing to fear!