Wiring Repair – Causes And Remedy

Typically, electrical (copper wire) initially has a long service life and therefore never by itself does not terminate and does not close. 60 per cent of cases, all the faults in the wiring occur in the joints wires between them. These places may be: Raspayachnye boxes; Electric (connection wires to the current device, the zero-bus); Breakers (place sample sconces and chandeliers); Connect the wires in the sockets (sockets are train) Defective wiring can cause a mechanical action in the field of drilling, chiseling the walls, installing baseboards, sample pictures, chandeliers and other things that can affect the faulty electrical wiring. In 20 percent of the electrical fault is due to the circuit or an open electrical wiring in the wall panels. This is due to the large electrical load.

If the unit of protective disable (RCD) properly, and correctly selected, the machine must limit the load of electric networks by means of his trip. Circuit or open outlet can also be associated with crumbling, old aluminum wires, or if you simply banal filled neighbors. Typically, this type of failure can, is associated with defective wiring on which to work, "Hill electricians." Was paved or not damaged Certified wire were produced without connection wires raspayachnyh boxes, poor attachment of the wire. This is the most difficult type of fault, since slotting Linked to walls, ceilings, etc. After removing this failures have something to cover up, repaint or glue, that is wasting time and money on redecorating. Initially, to determine fault in the electrical conductivity must be visually to examine the presence of carbon in the darkening and sockets, switches, chandeliers.

Perhaps the problem is with a mechanical (drilling walls, installing baseboards, etc.). Then look at the electrical panel and make sure that all automatic shut-off device (RCD), leading to the apartment included. For troubleshooting, you can use one of the above electrical measuring instruments: tester, voltmeter, AC current, a screwdriver-phase indicator or probe consisting of a light bulb screwed into the socket is connected to two lengths of wire insulation in vinyl.