Technological Kids

TECHNOLOGICAL CHILDREN … … .. It is the definition are children whose skills in the field of technology turn out to be amazing. It is no lie that many times our little surprised us with some very technical words for his age, but are properly used, when it comes to technology.

We can not forget that the market is crowded with numerous games, devices, phones, etc, and for them it is natural interaction with them. According to company data provided by Digital Trends, the segment occupied by children aged between 7 and 12 years influence when purchasing products and services, technological, which shows the influence of these groups in acquiring these games and which has been growing in recent years. These groups of children often spend long hours at the computer surfing the Internet or playing video games, whether the activity is performed at home or in the Cyber, the main activity are the games or chat. Among the children a little more large ages are between 10 and 12 years, it happens that they usually use more Internet, more predominant use by females than by males. Another interesting development is the great insight that have had video game consoles in homes, which tends to be on par with the PC, in this respect 36% of children have a computer at home, and 5% have video game consoles. This underlines the importance of video games devices in children and in their daily activities. So do not be surprised when our children just want to have a Wii, a Playstation, a Nintendo DS, or because they spend long hours in front of computers, since according to studies it has been determined that 67% of children are video games be one of the most important activities for them, which indicates that this new form of entertainment is here to stay, considering that there are 150 million users worldwide and about 2,000 million waiting to play. But like any business if done in excess can damage, and it is up to us as parents to control the use of this type of activity, for example for the iPod would be the best thing to listen to no more than an hour a day and at the lowest level possible in the use computer, experts recommend that this should not be used for more than two hours a day, with breaks of 10 to 15 minutes, as well as the use of artificial tears to lubricate eyes constantly.

As we can see the technology has its positive side and negative at the same time, but how do any activity that if done in moderation and awareness to future damage may be limited or null if one takes into consideration some of the recommendations. Felix J. MS A. Gonzalez Expert in payment of debts and who knows the issue of banking crises WebSite: Email: