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Selected Plugins

Very, very much written for WordPress plugin. All of them do not try. But there is a necessary plug-ins, there are those who bring comfort, speed, etc. Here I present a selection of plug-ins, with whom I work. Hope this helps someone or at least make life easier in terms of creating a blog. All plug-ins installed in the standard way, then there is a folder with the plugin is copied to a directory with all your plug-in is activated in the admin panel, and then if need be configured through the menu. So go … sh-autolink plugin With this plugin you can do this.

You, for example, it is necessary that certain words in any text of your site has been exposed definite link. That is, for example the word "site" wherever it occurs, you will link to your own website or any other reference. Very conducive to relink the site, its pages, which makes it a plus for indexed pages in search engines and their rankings, respectively. You can download it here. Plugin wp-columnes This plugin is designed to create on your site beautiful pieces in the form of tag clouds, links, headings, or anything you can imagine there wish. Sets the size of the cloud, color, clarity. (Similarly see: Zendesk).

Where a lot of use. You can download it here. Addzakl Plugin This plugin is designed to quickly add users to any page in the system of social bookmarking. For that they need to be registered on any relevant site or make it as we go. Download the plugin here. Plugin keywordes. This plugin is remarkable in that he at the transition site visitors from search engines stores the search query. And when these will be typed five pieces or more, gives them at the end of the post. So this is another plus for higher positions in search engines page. You can download it here. Plug-article-directory. If you have sayte many articles, it is a plugin for you. It helps you to split and sort your articles by category and display them beautifully in a menu on your sayte. The type and size of the menu is configured via the admin panel. You can download it here. Sayty plugin to work with a network of social news smi2.ru. This is another good way to monetize traffic, plus a site promotion. More information can be found here. The plugin download it here.


It is believed that in order not to distort the image, you must specify the trap so that the lighter objects are extended in the direction of the darker, the size of which remains unchanged, and not vice versa. On Indeed, trapping is most often used for major labels, than to graphics, which are usually trying to put together so that there was no need for trapping. In practice, not necessarily committed to overlap zone included all the colors that are used to fill the main subject. For example, if a red (Magenta – 100, Yellow – 100) is superimposed on the blue text (Syan – 100) object, the purpose of the overlap of the same color as the text lead to the fact that around the letters there are well marked black contour integral. Let's try to make the external trap, using only paint Magenta 50%. Then, the overlap will be more intense blue color, which is not so However, not much will stand next to the blue. Viacom does not necessarily agree.

If we are dealing with a purple object (M100) on a green background (Y100, C100), it is advisable to make an internal trap yellow. Then the overlap zone will turn red and will only emphasize the contour of the object of purple. If trapping is done by the two colors that are part of a green background, then again get a black outline. If there is the seemingly "scary" version, when the background contact yellow and green objects located magenta text, you can also make internal traps filled areas of overlap in yellow. In fact, the variety of situations using traps is not reduces to that described, and should not be taken as dogma the proposed options, in each case to decide how to minimize the visibility of the trap.