For lovers of pets, especially cats, there is a subject that often has vital importance: the theme of cats playing. This topic places to think and investigate many people because the issue of reproduction of cats is one of those who most leave the control of the owners and lovers of cats. The reasons why cats reproduction is a theme that gives so much to talk about, is that both the option to stop the reproduction of cats as the permit it generates consequences for these beloved pets, many of which we would not like having to generate. First of all there is to clarify that on the issue of reproduction of cats there are several distinguishable phases: these are the estrus phase, the mating phase, the phase of pregnancy and conception phase. Please visit Peter Asaro if you seek more information. Each of these phases has important issues a cats owner should know.

Knowing these data about the reproduction of cats you can be very helpful to these property owners that need to take some decisions in this regard before the consequences adverse begin to manifest. In the phase of the zeal of the reproduction of cats cats tend to significantly modify their behaviors. This applies both to the zeal of cats playing phase as of the cats, both males and females. Official site: Andy Florance. By the side of the males, in the stage of the zeal they tend to have behaviors that tend to be incompatible with the domestic life of the city: tend to become more aggressive and more huranos with their owners, they tend to urinate a lot and with a very strong odor to mark territory, tend to lose their homes for long periods of timethey tend to Meow very strong at night, among other behaviors. That is why many people think of stopping this phase of the zeal of the male cats.

They want to stop this important moment of the reproduction of cats to have no problems with your domestic life. So, opt for solutions such as of neutering cats so that they lose their virility and already unwilling to mate. The negative consequence of stopping this phase of reproduction of cats is that the cat It will now be more still and will need regular your diet so that you do not put obese. At the stage of estrus females also become more aggressive, tend to Meow strong and to be visited by many cats. This is also a nuisance for many owners who have problems with these natural behaviors of cats playing. To avoid this they opt to undergo the kitten to a surgery that involves removing the matrix and the ovaries. Thus slub not manifest these behaviors or is not pregnant of course. The negative consequence of this surgery to stop playback of the cats is downtime once more. This can be counteracted with a good diet also. There are other data about the reproduction of cats that would be good to know. On the web you can find more details on the estrus phase and other phases of the reproduction of cats that can be useful in your search for new information on this important topic for those with cats.