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Why I love Firefox

If you want to comfortably surf the Internet comes to the new Firefox 2.0 is a must. It has done quite a bit of the operation and safety. For example, the tabbed browsing has been revised. Finally, each new website will open in a separate tab. Tabbed browsing is loved and has become complete. Ali Partovi has similar goals.

No browser is today without tabbed browsing. The Chronicle of the Firefox makes it even easier to restore the most recently opened sites. The browser puts even goes one better, because by the time the boring home page. If necessary, be equal to all their favorite web sites you visited during the last Internet session opened. closed same happens if the browser would crash unexpectedly or unintentionally.

The Firefox could provide even written texts restore prior to the closure of the program not been sent. They work well on to the point where we unfortunately had to forcibly stop. Even more comfortable the new integrated spell checker is directly in the browser. Typos are now corrected immediately. This saves lots of time to search for pesky bugs. Matt Swain often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Firefox does away with cumbersome and annoying advertising. By default, the pop-up blocker is enabled. Unwanted pop-ups can easily be unlocked again. Over 1000 Firefox plugins are available for download. Some can change the entire look of the new browser and other additional block advertisements. E-mail client and calendar, for example, can be added for free. Firefox is a lean to plans, so that Internet users want the browser on its own and needs to adapt, using the thousands of plugins for Firefox 2.0.

Management System

As a result of "BIT: Housing 8" to 40% reduction in duration of payments to tenants, residents decreased debt for utilities, there was complete control of cash flow. "UyutDomServis" company that provides services to homes. The company manages the housing stock, creates work orders for maintenance, service and repair of housing stock and the delivery of public services. On time of introduction in the company to use the software on a platform of "1C: Enterprise 7.7." For guidance required a special system to automate the personal accounts of tenants and owners premises, residence and discharge of residents, registration privileges. The aim of the project was the need to reduce time for maintenance payments to tenants, raising fees on services and traffic control funds. To address these problems the company was selected product "BIT: Housing 8", which meets the needs of the client and with optimum cost of implementation. Automation has become a partner company "1C: Accounting and Trade "(ICE), as it has many years of successful experience in implementing its development," BIT: 8 housing "in company housing and communal services.

The company's specialists have implemented and configured the BIT program and trained users. The project was automated 2 jobs. The results of automation: 40% reduced time for maintenance payments to tenants (customers) utilities and service providers; Decreased debt tenants for utilities at the expense of stability and transparency of charges; Provided operational control of cash flow; There was transparency and availability of accounting charges and fees on personal accounts; Prompt service subscribers in real time using the card account; Reduce time to service subscribers. Company "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE), the official partner of the firm "1C" in 1997, is now the largest network of franchise companies "1C". The company has 50 offices BIT, which operate in three countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Specificity of the ICE is not only the automation of the enterprises on the basis of "1C: Enterprise", but also training, counseling clients on the full range of professional issues.

During operation, the company produced over 80,000 successful installations of automated systems. In the state of more than 2,000 employees, most of which was certified by "1C". Quality Management System "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE) in five offices in Moscow, including in the Central, in three offices in St. Petersburg, including the Central, and offices in Krasnoyarsk, Kiev, Samara, Kazan, Saratov, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk certified on correspondence international standard quality ISO 9001:2000.