Blogs are the great equalizer because they simplify the task of adding content to a website on a daily or weekly basis. To make it easy for the average Joe to add content to your site on a daily basis with a few mouse clicks. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kai-Fu Lee and gain more knowledge.. Moreover, the spider of search engine companies recognize this and make it a point to spider the blog networks on a regular basis, sometimes daily. It may take a motor spider search up to three months to spider your site if you go directly to its home page to add your domain to your database. Moreover, with a blog, you can put a story about your domain on a blog with a link to your domain and website in general, you can get tracked for a week or so to put your link on the blog. BLOGS require a commitment on their part Communique additions to your blog should be your goal. If you do not have time to do daily additions, you must make at worst, a weekly addition to your blog. As in the real world of websites, if you do not update your blog regularly, spiders will save time and resources by not spidering your blog on a daily basis. However, if you are updated on a daily or almost daily, then the spiders will visit your blog with the same fervor you bring to your blog. In addition, it sometimes seems that spiders of search engines are giving a bit of weight, in addition to the results extracted from the blogs.